Thursday, October 11, 2018

{My Parties} Last Rodeo Bridal Shower

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I love a unique spin on a traditional bridal shower. Being from Arkansas, I know plenty of ladies who love their country music, their horses, and their farms. Any event surrounding a wedding should be tailor-made and personalized to be about the bride, don’t you agree? So, if you have a cowgirl in your life (or a girl who loves a cowboy!), why not throw her a “Last Rodeo” Bridal shower?  Saddle up for this cute party!

The fall is the perfect time to create a Western themed bridal shower in my opinion. The rustic feel of the rodeo coordinates perfectly with the texture of the fallen leaves. So, I set this party up outside, under a beautiful tree that has strewn its leaves all over the ground. I love combining lots of textures into my parties. For this one, I started with two burlap table covers, which I then layered to reach the ground on my table. For my chairs, I used a wooden x-back chair, which calls to mind that rustic feel of the rodeo. On the back of each chair, I hung these Red Felt Cowboy Hats for the guests.

Each place setting started with a simple gold charger. I layered that with these personalized bandana plates. You can also add the bride’s picture to these plates! Instead of using a traditional napkin, or a paper napkin, I used white bandanas! A cute metal napkin ring, which reminded me of barbed wire, was the perfect little detail. Instead of traditional glasses, how fun are these Glass Boot Mugs? These are also a great favor idea. The guests can take them home to remember the event. You could even fill the flowers or candy!  Each setting also had a personalized lip balm to match the plates. Since this event is for women, I can’t think of a better favor idea! I always have a tube of lip balm with me!

For our centerpieces, I chose a few different items. The first were two Burlap Label Metal Planners, which I filled with hydrangeas and sunflowers. These are two of my favorite flowers for events because they are inexpensive and also large, which take up a lot of space in your containers. To give some additional elevation, I stacked them on top of a couple of wooden crates, and then added a red bandana. On either side of the table, these Western Lantern centerpieces as well as two Western Hats.

To make it feel like we were on the ranch, these Split Rail Fences were the perfect addition to the table sides. These are a snap to put together and make such a big impact on your event. They are very lightweight and can be moved around for a photo opportunity.

And for our BIG impact for this event, I love Western Boot Arch. It’s so great to be able to personalize it with the bride’s name and such a WOW moment for your shower!

I hope your next event is a buckle-winner!

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Baseball Bar Mitzvah Decor Ideas

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It’s fall and you know what that means…World Series!! Do you have a little slugger in your family? I recently created some fun party installations for a baseball-loving 13 year old guy who was celebrating his bar mitzvah! He loves baseball so much that he chose a baseball theme for his big day. The event was held at a fun location called Rec Room here in Memphis. It’s like a big sports and game themed living room where you can play video games projected up onto the walls. It’s a great location for 13 year olds to have fun.
My friend Sheril at Shindigs by Sheril wanted me to create all the centerpieces and hanging d├ęcor and to also do a huge balloon installation on one of the walls to celebrate Max. 

To welcome our guests, I tied a bunch of baseball themed mylar balloons all over the railing outside Rec Room. I used the giant baseball gloves, baseball shapes, simple red, and blue and white striped to bring in the red, white, and blue theme. I didn’t even fill them with helium because they were going to be tied to the fencing. I just used a simple air pump. No need for helium. 

When the guests entered the building, they were greeted with this giant balloon display, spelling Max’s name in 3D letters. These are actually really easy to make and I promise you can do it too! I started with the 4 Ft Giant 3D Letters from Shindigz.  These are made from cardboard and are a snap to put together, just make sure that you have a big area to work within. I used the backs and the sides, but NOT the fronts. Then it gave me a shell to work with. I filled the shells with blue balloons, which I stuck in there using glue dots and double sided adhesive pad tape. It’s easiest to work with the letters lying down and then stand them up when you are ready to display them. For the baseball shapes, I used a 4ft Moonlight Hanging Moon cutout. I just turned it around, so it was white on the other side and then applied the same method with white balloons. Then, to create the stitching, a little red duct tape works wonders! When I finished, I ran fairy lights around the outsides to light the entire display up for the evening! I LOVE how it turned out!

To create my centerpieces, I did two different styles. The first was this bat display. I used a small wooden trough and filled it with foam. Then, I covered the foam with Plastic Grass Mats to create a turf. I displayed the wooden bats by drilling holes into the ends and inserting them into the foam. The finishing touch were these personalized stickers! I created them to match the theme and then applied them right to the box. My other centerpieces were a simple metal tub filled with peanuts, popcorn, and some baseball player cutouts!

And finally, since we had such a high ceiling, we wanted to have some hanging items! So, I created these personalized Baseball Corex Yard Signs. But instead of putting them in the yard, I strung them with twine and hung them from the ceiling!  These are also a great keepsake for our honoree!

I hope these ideas help you hit it out of the park!

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