Sunday, August 24, 2014

{My Parties} Octonauts Party with Birthday Express

When I was reviewing the newest Birthday Express party lines earlier this year, I knew I wanted to style their Octonauts party immediately!
First, my little guys LOVE Octonauts. Even my 6 year old, who has limited verbal ability, can say "Oh-nauts!" when it comes on Disney Junior. 
And, second, I love the combination of orange and turquoise! 
Octonauts, Let's Do THIS! 

I started out with the backdrop, which I covered in a turquoise fabric and then pinned this tissue festooning in up and down lines to make it seem like algae in the water. 
Birthday Express sent me these awesome vinyl Octonauts characters which I put onto cardboard and cut around. Then, I pinned them into my backdrop. 
So many party planners are snobs about doing character birthday parties, but kids are ALL ABOUT characters. Use the party supplies to inspire you!
I used this adorable party pack to inspire my entire party palette. 

I knew that I wanted to do cake pops in the main character's likenesses. 
So, I contacted Becca at Sweet Whimsy Cake Pops, who just happens to be in Tennessee too!
I saw that she had done some Octonauts characters before, so I knew she would be the perfect person to make these for me. 
She absolutely NAILED IT. 

Can you believe the character perfection? 

I took ridiculous amounts of pictures of them. They were too perfect to eat. 

I displayed them in a long planter that I bought at Michaels' a while ago. I painted it royal blue and filled it with some more of the tissue festooning and some orange and blue glittered vase filler. 

I mean.....

Captain Barnacles



A great tip that I love to give people when they are planning parties is to shop at the grocery store for your dessert table treats! Companies such as Little Debbie often do seasonal treats that could possibly tie right into your party theme!
I found these "Coral Reed Cakes" and "Starfish Cookies" from their summer seasonal lines. And, they are in the perfect colors!
And what kid doesn't love Little Debbie? 

The beautiful glittered toppers were done for me by Kylie at Made By a Princess. 
I LOVE these new sticks she is using that are acrylic! They make it look like they topper is floating!

Whirly pops are always an easy thing to customize for your party. I took some Octonauts stickers from Birthday Express and added them to the front of these whirly pops with some orange and turquoise scrapbook paper. 

I also got these CUTE gummy skewers from Birthday Express. Aren't they adorable? 

I LOVE using Marie at Sweets Indeed for my parties. She always does the most beautiful work. 
She even added these cute Octonauts logos to the skewers. These are my weakness. I will not admit to how many of these I ate. 

It just so happens that my boys already had the Octopod toy at our house (told you they were fans), so I used it as the centerpiece of the table. 

I surrounded it with the drinks.
In this case, I used blue gatorade, which happens to have orange tops! Score!
I taped these straws to them with washi tape and these cute octonauts logos. The logos go with the blow-outs from the collecton, but I just took them off and used them for decor. 

The lovely Candace at LillyPaul designs sent me these ADORABLE orange and turquoise fabric garland for the front of the table. I LOVE that she thought to add these clear Christmas ornaments to look like bubbles. So cute!

On the top of the backdrop, I made these Octonauts catchphrase signs with my Silhouette and glitter cardstock.  
I added some of of the tissue festooning to the tops to make them look like sea anenomes. 

This party collection is just so adorable!

For the favor station, I used some crates from my collection and set up a few different take-homes for the kids. 
My boys have this little table in our kitchen and I use it for parties all the time because it's kid-sized and easy for the little ones to get things from. 
The first favor was these cute crab water squirters. I displayed them in blue iridescent bag fill to make it look like water. 

Tonya at Soiree Event Design did these custom cotton candy favors for me. And of course, it was Captain's Cotton Candy! What child doesn't love cotton candy?
It's my all-time favorite. 

We're done with our mission!
Octonauts and me, until the next adventure!


Fabric Garland: LillyPaul Designs
Cotton Candy: Soiree Event Design
Cake Pops: Sweet Whimsy Cake Pops
Octonauts Candy Skewers: Sweets Indeed
Glitter Toppers: Made By A Princess
Birthday Party Products (plates, napkins, vinyl characters, gummy skewers, balloons) : Birthday Express
All Styling and Photography: GreyGrey Designs

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Product Review: Oriental Trading Circus Products

When I am my planning parties, I have a lot of different favorite vendors and websites that I use on a routine basis. 
One of those is, of course, Oriental Trading. 
Since I plan a lot of children's parties, I need a lot of children's party supplies and children's craft supplies. 
Oriental Trading contacted me recently about doing a product review for them and I was thrilled to work with them again!

It just so happened that I was already deep in the planning stages of my recent circus themed party, so I knew that they would have plenty of supplies for me to choose from. 

The party mommy had her heart set on doing Goldfish In a Bag Soap for the kids to take home as their favor. 
Oriental Trading sent the cute plastic fish, the cellophane bags, and this awesome personalized ribbon for the boys' party. 
How great is that ribbon? 
I mean, the possibilities are endless!
If you have followed my parties in the past, you know that details are my thing. And what better detail than having ribbon with your name on it? 

To display all this party-favor cuteness, I picked this awesome tabletop tent!
It was easy to put together and added some much-needed height to the favor table. And, the best part?
It's totally reusable! The kids can play with it again and again. 
They also sent me two huge rolls of red and yellow tickets 
I used these for all kinds of projects for the party, including making frames for my printables....

And even using them on centerpieces and a wreath for the front door!

I used the leftover tickets as props on the sweets buffet!

Thanks to Oriental Trading for helping me out with this party!

Links to the products used in this post: 
Tabletop Tent
Personalized Ribbon
Cellophane Bags
Plastic Fish

I received product directly from Oriental Trading in exchange for review. No compensation was received for this review. All opinions are my own.