Sunday, August 19, 2018

{My Parties} Flower Child Mod 1960's Birthday Party

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Do you love The Brady Bunch as much as I do? I find so much inspiration in their house, their loud patterns are just so fun! I used that show as the inspiration for my latest party theme! I love the late 60’s/early 70s Mod movement. I took the graphic floral inspiration and turned it into a “Flower Child” Party theme! And today I am going to show you how to make your party really far out!

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Start with this personalizable Retro Flowers Background Illustration. I made mine look super groovy by adding “Flower Child” in a 60’s inspired font. It comes in a variety of materials, but I chose the cardboard version. To make it stand up on its own, I staked some PVC pipe into the ground behind it.  To add some extra 60’s details, I stuck some of these fun 9” Retro Romance smiley faces and peace sign cutouts. I used teacher’s tape to stick them right onto the cardboard backdrop.  On either side of the table, these adorable 5 ft Retro Romance Standing Daisies make the perfect bookends to the party. These are a snap to put together! I love that you can keep these for a fun decoration for a bedroom or a playroom!

To cover the table, instead of using a traditional tablecloth, add some texture to your table cover with this yellow floral sheeting. It actually looks like flowers! I simply used duct tape to attach the sheeting right to my table. It really catches the wind as well, which makes it so pretty!  For your party activity, this pink and orange flower piñata is the perfect addition! But until you hang it, use it as decoration for the party table!

I love elevating a simple cake into an extra special cake with some simple embellishments. I picked up this simple yellow rosette cake at my favorite bakery and then I added a fun paper flower that I made with glitter cardstock. Then, I displayed it on this pink flower party tray. Underneath the cake stand, I hung the neon peace sign necklaces, to make them look like the beaded curtains that were so popular in the 60s.

  In fact, all these treats are grocery-store purchased! You can make them match your theme with some simple changes! For instance, the peace sign cookies were from the frozen section at my local grocery store. They were just two colored cookies, but I made them into peace signs with a black edible marker! The cupcakes were made into “flowers” by picking up these flower cupcake wraps at the craft store.

For our favors, I chose these cute round metal frame sunglasses. They come in pink, purple, and blue and are the perfect take-home for your little guests. On the other side, in a matching tray, I displayed these Peace Sign White personalized lollipops.

This theme is so versatile! Instead of “flower child” it could be “flower power!” Or, you could use it for someone born in the 60’s or someone who is celebrating a 60th birthday! Or, you could throw a funky garden party! I hope your next party is FAR OUT! 

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

{My Parties} Rainbow Birthday Party

Rainbow parties are making a comeback right now! Or did they ever really leave? I recently found a picture of my birthday party when I was 6 or 7 and I had a rainbow cake! So, my love of this party theme has been around a while!

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There’s nothing I love more than a little ROY G. BIV in my life, I had a brainstorm to use these very fun modern luminescent columns to make my very own rainbow! I love thinking outside the box to make party items really pop and bring your party theme to life! To make your own rainbow, you will need 6 luminescent columns in red, orange, gold, lime, royal blue, and purple. These are totally freestanding and so easy to assemble! And they store flat!  If you are using them outside however, you might want to add a sandbag or a brick to the bottom inside of the column, just to make sure the wind doesn’t catch them!

To make clouds, you can make you very own balloon installation with two simple items: white balloons and balloon tape. I also used this effect on my recent airplane party. Make sure that the balloons are not all the same size, to give it an realistic feel. For this party, I simple zip tied the balloon arch on the end columns and let it fall naturally. I like the way that it looks more organic than perfectly styled. Because clouds are imperfect!
To give your table an extra “cloudy” feel, use a white ruffle tablecloth. I love the floatiness that it brings to the party. This one is very heavy duty and it’s got Velcro all the way around the top to easily attach it.

My specialty is teaching moms how to create adorable party treats from simple store-bought items and this party was no exception. I started with a simple white cake that I picked up at Walmart. Amazingly it was already rainbow inside! I added a bunch of Sweets Indeed Candyfetti to the top! It comes in a ton of different blends, so the cake personalization possibilities are endless! Top it with a simple rainbow graphic that you print onto cardstock from your computer. Then, glue that to two bamboo skewers and stick it right into the cake!

To create rainbow cupcakes to match your theme, it’s SO easy! Pick up some white cupcakes and then add sour straws to each in the shape of a rainbow. For the clouds, use mini marshmallows.  Cute and EASY!

Shindigz also has a variety of fun personalized candy tubes, but I used the blank ones to make my own rainbow candy tubes. I filled the bottom with mini marshmallows, then added Skittles that I separated into colors, and then topped with more marshmallows. Voila! Rainbows in a tube! This is a great (and affordable) favor idea!

And to complete your rainbow party, you have to have rainbow swirl lollipops right? Display them in a simple piece of foam, covered with poly fiber fill “clouds.”

For your table centerpiece, top it off with this rainbow piñata. It makes the perfect focal point!

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