Tuesday, January 15, 2019

{My Parties} Route 42 Vintage Car Party

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One of the most popular themes that I create is the Vintage Car theme. A lot of my clients struggle to come up with cute themes for parties for the men in their lives. This client came to me with a clear vision of how she wanted this party to look. Her husband loves anything Route 66 and she definitely wanted to celebrate his 42nd birthday with a classic car theme. 

So, with a theme in mind and a color palette of black, white, silver, red, and blue, I went to work on making Haris' birthday classic! 
This is one of my favorite venues here in Memphis: Clark Opera Center. It's a perfect blank slate and I love the industrial feel of it and the awesome lighting. It was the perfect location for this event. 

My client really wanted a balloon installation over the table. So, I chose to keep it all black, white, and chrome to make it a little more masculine. 
The awesome backdrop was designed by Piggy Bank Parties. I knew that they would create my vision perfectly and they did! Plus, I had this printed on heavy duty vinyl, so the client can keep it to hang in the garage or a man-cave. 

It's hard to see in the picture, but the backdrop has a ton of texture and detail, which made it look so wonderfully realistic. 

We needed to do a lot of desserts, because there were a lot of children invited to this party. So, we decided on a cake, cake pops, macarons, and custom sugar cookies. 

I wanted the cake to be simple and masculine, so I designed this look and the wonderful Oh My Ganache knocked it out of the park. The topper is a vintage Corvette toy I got on Amazon and I put the cake on a wheelbarrow tire to give it extra height. 

The use of these metal boxes also gives the table some more "toolbox" details. 

On either side  of the cake, I displayed our "tire" cake pops and multi-flavored macarons. If you're in the Memphis area, you MUST get over to 17 Berkshire and try their macarons. Seriously delicious. 

The cookies were one of my favorite parts. My client wanted a vintage Coca-Cola item brought into the design, so I displayed them on a platter in this vintage crate. 

Sugaroo Sweets blew me away, as usual, with these gorgeous cookies. 

I love good lighting at an event. How cool does this look with the red and blue uplights? 

The client had a great idea to use these tires and metal truck decor as the centerpieces and she had her florist fill them with flowers. 

All the photo booth props are from Shindigz.

Hope you got your kicks on this Route 66 paty!

Cookies: Sugaroo Sweets
Macarons: 17 Berkshire
Backdrop Design: Piggy Bank Parties
Party Supplies: Shindigz

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

{My Parties} Dig It Construction Party

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What is it with boys and construction vehicles? I joke that they are born loving all things construction and dirt. One of my favorite themes for little guys is a party where they can get dirty and play with trucks. But, I wanted to put a different spin on it. So, my construction party has a “Can you dig it?” theme! I'm going to show you today how to make your construction party really "rock!"

One of my go-to party supplies is corrugated cardboard. It’s so versatile and I use it for a hundred different things. But for this party, I created my backdrop with it and also made a table wrap as well. To imitate metal for my backdrop, I used the silver corrugated cardboard. To wrap my table, I used the yellow version. I topped by table with a Construction Zone tablecloth to bring it all together. The tablecloth has such cute details like printed nuts and screws.

The create-a-letter option on Shindigz is one of my absolutely favorite products. With this option, I was able to create these 24” cardboard letters in the perfect black and yellow stripe design! And it’s SO easy to do! You can make them any color or pattern, or even add graphics! I stuck them right onto my backdrop using teachers tape.

For my guest table, I used white stretch chair covers with a silver stretch chair bands. On top of the chair bands, I added construction tape to give them some extra fun. The black and white stripe poly linen made the perfect tablecloth for my party and the personalized construction centerpiece was topped with a plastic yellow hardhat. Each place setting also had a hard hat instead of a traditional party hat. I used the construction cupcake toppers to dress up the yellow paper straws in the cups by simply using teacher’s tape to stick them right onto the straw. I love a fun little extra detail like that!

For my party food, I love taking simple store bought items and making them match my theme. For this party you can do EVERYTHING that I did all by yourself! It’s that easy! I picked up some orange Lofthouse cookies and stuck a construction cupcake topper in the top. Think outside the box for your cupcake toppers and party supplies. Just because they say cupcake toppers, doesn’t mean you have to use them as such!  I made these rice krispie treats paintbrushes too. All you need is a store-bought rice krispie treat, Wilton candy melts, a popsicle stick, and a microwave. I purposely put too much candy melt on there to make it look like the paint was puddling. And, the cake is always fun at a construction party. This was a simple chocolate cake that I “destroyed” by cutting a slice and tearing it up a little, then adding some chocolate candies and Reese’s pieces. Then, position the digger toy to make it look like it’s responsible for the damage. What boy wouldn’t love this?

I hope your birthday boy really “digs” this party idea!


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