Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Beauty and The Beast DIY Cupcakes with Evite

Guys. I have not been this excited about a movie in ages.

When I heard about this movie being in production a few years ago, I might have squealed out loud. My inner 12 year old came out in a big way. In 1991, when the original Beauty and the Beast was released, I was 12 and my sister was 9. We became obsessed with Beauty and the Beast as soon as we saw it. 
I have always identified with Belle on so many levels. She is brainy, she loves reading, and of course, she is a brunette! But you know what? Belle was also strong and fearless and that's what I loved about her. Plus, the music is the best. 
And now, a live action version? I'm SO excited!
I'm a huge Downton Abbey fan, so as you can imagine, the casting of Dan Stevens alongside Emma Watson was pretty much the best decision ever in my book!

When Evite asked me to help them celebrate the release of the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, I might have squealed aloud again!
Evite has an entire gallery of custom invitations inspired by Beauty and the Beast for girls' nights, children's birthdays, movie nights, and more. How exciting! I'm pretty sure I'm going to send out Evite invitations to my girlfriends for a movie night! We've already been talking about it for months! Pre-sale tickets are available now!!

When I saw the Beauty and the Beast Evite designs, they inspired me to make a fun little DIY for adults and kids alike!
So follow along as we make a yummy Beauty and the Beast themed treat for your party. 

Here's what you are going to need: 

White cupcakes (store bought or homemade)
Wilton Color Mist in Yellow (you can find this at any craft store)
Chocolate Roses

Spray the tops of the cupcakes with the yellow Color Mist

Let the Color Mist dry for 10 minutes or so, and then cut down the stems of the chocolate roses to around 4 inches. Stick the roses right into the tops of the cupcakes. 
Serve in cupcake wrap or cup of your choice. 

How's that for a perfectly "Belle" themed cupcake? Yellow dress and a red rose. Easy peasy! 

Now let's start the countdown until Disney's Beauty and the Beast is released in theatres on March 17th in 3D!!!

 I am a member of the Evite Influencer Program and have been compensated for this post. 
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

{My Parties} The Little Mermaid Party

I wanna be...where the people are!
Who else LOVES The Little Mermaid?
Oh, I'm an 80s baby at heart, so all those classic Disney princesses are my favorites. 

When my clients contacted me about doing Miss K's 3rd birthday this year,  I LOVED the idea of doing an Ariel party for her! You can also see her Elmo Circus party from last year. 

They held the party at their local YMCA swimming pool and it was the perfect setting for an underwater celebration. 

I knew I wanted to make Ariel the centerpiece of the party, so I started with this amazing mermaid laser-cut wooden mermaid by Ten23 Designs. I painted her to look like Ariel, even adding red glitter to her hair to make her look extra beautiful. 

On either side of Ariel, I used some shimmery fabric that I picked up at the fabric store, and pulled the pieces back to create a curtain effect. I added these fun papier mache seashells, which I painted to match my theme. 

On the front of the table, my friend Candace at LillyPaul Designs created this fun, Ariel themed fabric garland to dress up the table. 

To give the table an underwater effect, I used a white tablecloth and then draped turquoise shimmera fabric over it to give it a more ethereal feel. I topped the table off with some aqua floral sheeting, which is one of my favorite party supplies! 

On either side of the party table, I used these giant coral standees from Shindigz to give it some extra underwater feel! 

Every The Little Mermaid party has to have Dinglehopper candelabras right???
I made mine using these candelabras and plastic flatware from Shindigz. I spray painted the candelabras to match the glitter on the flatware. Then, I added some pearls with hot glue. So fun, right? And the best part is that the birthday girl got to take them home!

For the cake, I had my baker do a simple ocean themed cake and then I added The Little Mermaid figurines to it. 

I added a little bit of Candyfetti on top of course!

The immensely talented Amanda at SemiSweet Confections knocked these cookies out of the park. They were so perfect with my Shindigz napkins!

For our other snacks and treats, we kept everything ocean themed. 
We had mermaid tail sweet lollis by Sweets Indeed. I displayed them in little treasure boxes that I painted gold. 

We had turquoise and purple M&Ms by request of the birthday girl. 

And Conch Shell Wraps (Chick-Fil-A wraps)!

As favors, the kids took home these adorable mermaid themed treat bags from Shindigz, filled with goldfish and gummy seashells from Oh Nuts. 

For our guest table centerpieces, I created two different versions. 
The first was a treasure chest, filled with pearls and coins. I got all these supplies at the craft store! The secret to making the chest look full is to fill it with plastic bags first. Then, I glued the coins on top!

The next was a coral reef theme. I picked up these fun floral picks at Hobby Lobby and then added them to a container filled with styrofoam and bag shred. Then, I printed out some Little Mermaid printables and glued them to bamboo skewers and stuck them in too. 

And since this was outside, we needed to make it look like it was underwater. To accomplish that, I taped foil curtains around the perimeter of the party area and then hung paper lantern jellyfish along with them. The wind really blew the curtains around giving it a magical feeling. 

To welcome the guests to the party, I had to do a fun banner of this sweet face! She was SO excited to see herself on this banner! 

You can't have a mermaid party without some mermaids, so I bought a bunch of ocean themed inflatables and floated them in the pool. The kids loved it!

Last but not least, the kids had our favorite face painter there to make everyone have a princess face or a superhero mask! 

And to top it all off, Miss K and her mommy came dressed in fully matching Little Mermaid costume! I love a mom who commits to a party theme!! 
Seriously, how cute are they?

I think she had fun! 

Thanks to my clients, Demareo and Latoya, for asking me to create Miss K's party again this year!


Party Supplies;
Little Mermaid wooden cut out: Ten23 Designs
Fabric Bunting: LillyPaul Designs
Sweets Skewers: Sweets Indeed
Candy: Oh Nuts