Sunday, March 15, 2009

{My Parties} Greyson's Circus Themed 1st Birthday Party

We have a 1 year old! The circus party went off without a hitch and we are all pretty much exhausted!
For a day that began with absolutely no nap, it went wonderfully!
He was such a big boy and we all had a great time! On to the pics!

Here is our front door ticket booth!

The birthday boy in the shirt I made him for the occasion!

Our real live circus tent!
A lot of work--but totally and utterly worth it!

The tablescape.

The adorable cake!

The smash cake!

Our sideshow .

Mr. Big's high chair

Grey's swag.

Opening presents with a rubber duck in our mouth!
Totally awesome new crystalized sunglasses from Aunt Siso!

A classic.

What the crap is this?


Here Mommy, have some!

Hot ladies!

The food:

Corn dogs and circus peanuts!


Cotton Candy!

The favors!

One tired boy!

Daddy being a weirdo!