Saturday, October 10, 2009

{My Parties} Grant's Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party!

Our very dear friends, Michael and Meghan, recently moved back to Memphis after a 2-year stint in Boulder, Colorado. To say that we missed them is an understatement, but what we really missed was seeing their little guy, Grant, in his first year. When we got word that they were moving back into town last month, Meghan and I went into full-party-planning mode. Grant's 1st birthday was just 2 weeks after they got back from Colorado, so Meghan asked if I would help her plan, since she, as you can imagine, had her hands full. And me being me, I took over (with her permission of course!). The party was inspired by this cake that I found online. I was sure that I could replicate it and save tons of money, so I decided to take it on.
Plus, who doesn't love that book? Even my sister, who hates to read, told me that it was her favorite book in the library as a kid.
The party was held at her brother and sister-in-law's house yesterday afternoon and I think it was a huge success!

I was inspired to use astroturf as the tablecloth by the lovely ladies at Southern Event Planners, they used it on a football themed table at a wedding and I just thought it was adorable and perfect for this theme, so I bought a 6x8 piece at Home Depot and we cut it to fit the tables that we used.

I had Mommy Meghan make those "caterpillar" fruit skewers out of green grapes and strawberries and they turned out adorable.

I scanned the food pictures directly from the book, blew them up, and them glued them to cardboard and used an Xacto knife to cut them out.
I had some leftover butcher paper from Greyson's 1st Birthday, so I hand-painted this sign for Mr. Grant.

The favors were gummy worms of course! I used Publisher on my computer to print the tags out onto sticker paper and them closed the bags with those.

I actually tackled the smash cake as well. Meg wanted him to have an apple smash cake, since that it what the caterpillar eats in the book. The stem is pipe cleaner and the leaf is scrapbook paper.

I thought that the cupcake cake turned out awesome! The trick was decorator icing, which is firmer and stood up better. I think I used 30 cupcakes and then a 6 inch cake pan for the head. The base is cardboard cake boards taped together and covered in butcher paper that I painted with the legs, antenna, etc.

I had a genius idea one day to make one of those banners that are so expensive on Etsy, out of leftover paper plates that I had hanging out from the many, many parties that we have had over the years. I painted the backs of the plates with tempera paint and then printed out the letters on my printer and glued them to it. Then I punched holes for the antenna and legs and strung them together with ribbon.

Our lantern caterpillar..probably the easiest idea ever and it turned out so cute.

Here is birthday boy and Daddy in his t-shirt that I made him for all of $10 from materials that I got at Wal-Mart.

Look at this sweet face! Is he is Daddy's twin or WHAT?!?!

Happy Birthday Grant! I had a BLAST planning your party!!