Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a Trade!

My son Greyson's 2nd birthday is right around the corner (March, but I am psycho about planning, so that seems really close to me) and I have already decided on a theme for it (read: months ago).
Retro Rockets!
So, I wanted him to have a custom t-shirt for the party. An old friend of mine from high school, Mollie, does custom embroidery, and you can find her site here: Personally Stitched. She is super talented and can embroider just about anything, so I enlisted her help with the shirt.  Didn't it turn out SUPER CUTE?
I can't wait to see it on him!
Mollie has two precious girls, but her youngest is having her 1st birthday party in March as well. Her name is Allie, so they are doing an "Allie-gator" theme. Could you die? How cute is that?We decided to do a trade instead of paying each other for our work. So, Mollie enlisted me to make a custom birthday hat for Allie-gator.
I took a birthday hat from Hobby Lobby that was all of $1.29 and covered it with pink felt and attached cute hot pink and lime green balls onto it. Then, I drew a cute little alligator on the felt and then attached it with a one. I love it and I wish I had an Allie of my own to wear it too! I never get to do cute girl stuff!
I tried to make the alligator as girly as possible, so I put a little pink bow on her head!


  1. The cutest!!!!! ADORABLE themes for both!

  2. Retro Rockets and girls are so good at this!!! Both parties are going to be so CUTE!

  3. Oh how I wished you lived closer to help with Allie's party...decorating is not my specialty!


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