Saturday, April 24, 2010


My baby sister lives in NYC and I am in the process of planning another trip to see her this summer. So, NY has been on my mind...planning and thinking about what spots I want to hit while I am there, touristing-it-up with her. So, then I was thinking that an "I LOVE NY" party would be so, so adorable! I had a little time on my hands, a rainy day, some boredom, a napping child, and voila!

Wouldn't it be fun to have all NYC foods like brick-oven thin-crust pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, corned beef sandwiches, and bagels and lox with cream cheese? Hot dog carts are available for rental at most party rental places in larger cities.
The color scheme could be black, red, and Statue of Liberty Green.
 And of course, you would want to work apples into the decor! Core apples and insert a votive candle.  Centerpieces could be buildings made of any old boxes, painted black with holes cut into them for windows. Pop a votive candle in there and you've got a NY skyline in no time.

And, wouldn't Bakerella's apple cupcake pops be perfect?

Statue of Liberty Napkins and Cab Cups:
Chrysler Building Lantern:
Cocktails in the City Birthday Invitation: Etsy Seller--Andersruff
NYC Cake:
Skyline Invitations:
I LOVE NY Cookies:


  1. cute cute! wish I was going to the Big Apple with you!

  2. LOVE this board. A NYC party is totally on my party bucket list. Great ideas:)

  3. I<3 NY! I was there last summer and would love to go back every year. The City is awesome! And a NYC themed party would be so much fun!!!

  4. OH! By the way, I am LOVING the new blog design!!!

  5. I love when we get a chance to go to NYC. A good bagel or pretzel sounds delish right now! Enjoy your trip!


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