Monday, May 3, 2010

DIY Tier Server!

Don't have the right size tier server?
Want it to look custom?
Make it yourself!
This took all of 15 minutes and you will never guess the components.

Cardboard cake rounds, scrapbook paper, ribbon, and canned potatoes.
Yep, canned potatoes. (And in this case, wreaths, for my "Feather Her Nest" Sip and See.)

We will serve muffins on this lovely this weekend. Can't wait to see how it looks!

Use two 16" and two 12" round cardboard cake rounds. Stick two of each size together with double stick tape for extra stability. Wrap each in scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.
Tape two unopened cans of vegetables together and roll in paper. Secure with tape.
Finish edges of cake rounds with ribbon.
Stack the smaller cake round on the top of the larger one. Voila! Instant dessert stand!

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  1. I recently designed a 'Blinged Out' Baby Shower and did exactly this...well, sort of!
    Instead of the veggie cans, I hot glued two styrofoam rounds together to put between the cardboard cake rounds. I think the cans would work in a pinch, for a whole lot less!
    Check out my blog ( and thanks for a new idea!


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