Monday, May 24, 2010

World Cup Party!

Around our house, we are soccer fans. Last time the World Cup was happening, I referred to myself as a "World Cup Widow." Luckily, it only happens every 4 years.
My handsome husband is a supreme soccer fan/player, he even tried out for the Under-23 National Team when we were in college. He's super talented like that.
So, since the World Cup starts in just a few weeks, it inspired my most recent inspiration board.
I might even do this never know about me!

Food and Drink Ideas:

If you are a fan of a particular country, go with that theme for your menu. For instance, we are obviously fans of US Soccer, so we would do hot dogs, burgers or sliders, pizza, wings, french fries, cupcakes, etc. You could even name each item for your favorite player on the roster like a drink called "Guch's Hooch" or "Ching's Wings."  My husband says that when he was a youth player, the parents would always bring them oranges and Capri Suns for after the game snacks--this would be a cute idea too!
Any black and white candy would work great with this theme. Black licorice, oreo cookies or cakesters,

If you are an England fan, you could do fish and chips, bangers and mash, or whatever English delicacy that you would like. Or, if you prefer feting the host country, go for a South African theme!

Decor Ideas:

Use an astroturf tablecloth and mark it with white masking tape to look like the soccer pitch. Add goals at each end. Decorate by hanging soccer balss, soccer boots or socks from the ceiling, even throw in some shin guards! Tie vases or serving pieces with colorful soccer socks. They are super long, so you can do a lot of great stuff with them!
Soccer party supplies are readily available at any party store. Think out of the box by throwing in the flags of different countries and celebrating the global aspect of the theme. International flag bunting is perfect!
Cut inexpensive soccer balls in half and use them as bowls for chips or dips.

But, most of all, enjoy the games!


  1. This just looks like a good time..Especially since most of the world is insane for soccer!

  2. thanks for the great ideas


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