Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DIY Pillow Box Favors

Still hard at work on the Diamonds and Damask engagement party. This time...FAVORS!
And, what else but RING POPS? I mean, it's all about the ring right?
I had the toughest time coming up with packaging for a ring-pop because they are super bulky. So, I printed out several free favor box templates that I found online and finally found that a pillow box was the perfect fit. I used to make a whole page of damask print, then printed 30 pages of it off onto card stock and then flipped the paper over and printed the template on the other side. 
And, there you have it...DIY pillow boxes for favors. 

I wrapped each one in red ribbon to coordinate with the theme and then made custom tags for them with, printed them off and punched them with a scallop punch. 

Favors: Finished!

In other news, I have a Martha Stewart: Dreamers Into Doers page, as of today!


  1. I <3 your blog.... I am impressed how you have so many DIY projects and that you actually post them so others like myself can do little projects on a tight budget. I am in the process of planning my own "sip and see" (I have plenty of time to prepare) and I am going to be using a few of your ideas...Thanks for posting :) J

  2. These are beautiful Britt! I can't imagine the amount of ink that took!! :)

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these! Very excited to see this fabulous party!

  4. Hey! LOVE these boxes! These are the exact colors my brother and his fiance are using for their wedding next May. Any way you could email me the damask template you used? We have been searching and searching, and this is the exact print we want. Thanks!


  5. Oh my goodness. I love the shape of these boxes! So cute. I'm a complete sucker for damask.

  6. I can't wait to see this party! love the color combo!

  7. I just did something very similar recently! Though, I must admit, your tutorial was much more fun than mine, and you ended up with far more projects than I did. This is great!


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