Friday, July 9, 2010

I heart Aprons!

I love aprons. LOVE them!
I have a small collection of vintage ones from both my grandmothers and I use them daily because it seems that I cannot cook without wearing half of the food.  In fact, when my Nana died last year, one of the things that I wanted was her emerald green organza apron. LOVE.
See, I've got a June Cleaver streak and these aprons would suit that just fine!
I mean, who doesn't want to look cute while preparing for your next party?

Etsy has a serious selection of handmade vintage-inspired aprons...all of which are calling my name.

Love the details on this one! Ruching at the top will make your girls look bigger too!

This one is perfection for my upcoming Diamonds and Damask party!

This one reminds me of some stuff that my grandmothers wore in the 70s. Love that Michae Miller fabric and ric-rac makes everything cute. Plus, this one is more of your everyday apron.
Okay, hello sexy!  I am thinking this one is a husband-pleaser.
This one has a full-on circle skirt! Soooo fifties!
I'm pretty sure that if you wore this one, birds might randomly land on you and sing. I love that because I secretly wish I was a Disney princess who breaks into song with animals.
Hey Luuuucyyyyyy!
And oh my. This one is divine. Hands off girls, this one is mine. Purple....sigh.
And this seller does monogramming, so this is about to have a big old BSM on it.
I like to think that this is what Grace Kelly might have worn in the know, if she didn't have a palace and a staff of 200.
Or maybe Betty Draper.


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE aprons as well!!! You're putting me in a bad spot right now...I want them all!!!! I need to go hide my credit card so I don't get in trouble! ;)

  2. Lovely Aprons! You have a great eye!
    Thanks for showing mine off :)


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