Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a Dora Party!

At the request of my friend Mollie, I have put together a Dora the Explorer inspiration board for her daughter's birthday. Since I have a boy, we don't watch a lot of Dora, so I had to do my research on this one! 
Dora is so multi-cultural, that you can really have fun with this theme.  

Dora Oreo Cookies: Couture Parties
Dora Dress: Etsy Seller-Amacim
Backpack Favor Bags: Etsy Seller--Jettabees
Dora Invitation: Etsy Seller--InviteDelightTOO
Dora Cupcake Toppers: Etsy Seller: Sagga02
Dora Favor Table: Tickled Pink 2 Be Me
Dora cake: Flickr User--CakeSpace
Dora Stickers: Etsy Seller--PolkaDotPaperShop
Dora Cookie Lollies: Whimsy Cookie Co.
Tissue Flowers: Etsy Seller--789Design
Candy Buffet Top: HWTM
Candy Buffet Left: Flickr User--kmjdepalma
Candy Buffet Right--Kentucky Candy Buffet

Decor Ideas:

Color scheme: Purple, Pink, Lime Green, and Orange
Centerpieces made from red rubber boots filled with flowers
Cut large tree shapes from butcher paper and affix to the walls
Mexican tissue flowers atop colorful vases
Create Crocodile Lake by putting inflatable crocodiles in a kiddie pool.
Use butcher paper to create Rainbow Road in the entrance to your home
Use fans and crepe paper to create Windy Valley

Menu Ideas:

Swiper's Sweets Station
Dora's Chips and Salsa
Boot's Banana and Strawberry Skewers
Backpack's Bean Dip
Diego's Cheese Quesadillas
Tico's Tacos


Find Swiper (Hide and seek. Designate one child to be Swiper. Give that child a swiper mask).
Dora Treasure Hunt using "Map" to help
Dora pinata

Walk the Puzzle Bridge
Via Amazingmoms.com

1.Before the party, make a "Puzzle Bridge" using stone shapes cut from felt.

2.Write large numbers or shapes on each stone with a permanent marker.

3.At game time, form a circle using the stones.

4.The children will walk from stone to stone while music is playing.

5.When the music stops, call out a number.

6.Whoever is standing on the stone with the corresponding number, will receive a small prize (sticker or candy).

7.Repeat this game until all of the children have received at least one treat.

Hope this gives you some good ideas Mollie!

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