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{My Parties} Diamonds and Damask Engagement Party

My "Diamonds and Damask" party has come and gone and I am pleased to say that it turned out beautifully!
My client, Leanne, was a pleasure to work with and so, so sweet!
I love how this party turned out. I think it's a great fusion of fun and elegant.
I even got to meet the engaged couple and see their reaction to everything too!

I gave Leanne a couple of ideas for a theme, one being Summer Sunflowers, and the other being Diamonds and Damask. She chose this theme and wanted to add red to the mix, since the bride had chosen red as her wedding color. Red and black and white damask is a timeless combination, and it really popped off the tablescape.

First up, the dessert display.
I DIY'd the damask cupcake stand out of two different sized hat boxes that I got at Hobby Lobby. I took a short cylindricaal vase and filled it with plastic "diamonds" and used that as the stand in the middle. I topped everything off with some red ribbon and a rosette for some finish. The cupcakes were homemade by the hostess' mom, and the looked and smelled delicious-red velvet of couse!
We used Hershey's Kisses, Swiss Cake Rolls, Creme Puffs, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and Chocolate Covered Marshmallows for our dessert display. I really wanted desserts that everyone would like and that looked appetizing.
I handmade the cupcake toppers using scrapbook paper and my computer. These are for sale on my Etsy shop too!
The marshmallows were dipped in black sugar for that final detail to make them look a little shinier and glitzier. I used gumballs for the containers to make them look a little more full. A favorite trick of mine is to cover pieces of foam in wrapping paper to set into containers. It carries on the theme, but also is functional to take up space in a too-big container and hold the sticks into place.
I alternated the colors for the wrapped boxes and the gumballs, to give it some contrast. All the menu cards were handmade, also by using my computer and photo paper. Another good tip is to use photo paper on menu cards because the glossiness looks clean and crisp. The font is Honey Script-which I looooove.

I found these dessert stands at Marshalls' several months ago for my Feather Her Nest party, and they are so multi-functional because you can interchange the ribbon in the fluting. This time, I used zebra print crepe paper.
When I initially proposed this party, I thought we might use all "black and white" desserts, so I immediately thought of all things "Little Debbie." Swiss Cake rolls really aren't black and white, but they give that contrast that I wanted. I asked the hostess to cut them in halves and place the middle out, to give that look.
I'm going to go ahead and declare Crepe Paper Pomanders as the new Tissue Paper flowers. When they get huge, I will take credit for telling you first!  HA!
I got this idea from this tutorial by Danielle at Homespun with Heart, and I am IN LOVE with the way they turned out. They were the perfect addition to the buffet table. 
I wrapped them in damask ribbon that I got at Hobby Lobby and they looked adorable! 

For the favors, I proposed that we use Ring Pops, since this was an engagement party!
And let me tell you, finding a favor packaging that was big enough to fit an entire ring pop was a challenge!
I ended up finding an extra large pillow box template on-line and then printed them out onto cardstock. Then I flipped the paper and printed the other side with a full page of damask that I made using
Then, I put them together with red silk ribbon and some DIY favor tags.
I printed out the signs for the favor table and the buffet using also and they were the perfect finishing touch.
The savory buffet had an Italian-themed menu. We went with an antipasti display, pizza dip, spinach dip, toasted ravioli, mozzarella/tomato/basil skewers, and pork tenderloin sandwiches/

I thought it would be cute to bring in the red through a skewer of vegetables and cheese, so I thought that these mozzarella, basil, and cherry tomato skewers would look so adorable!
I loved these skewers and thought they looked so cute in the foam covered in wrapping paper. The hostess and her mom did a great job on making these!

It is hard to see in the picture, but the pork tenderloin is on a damask tray that I also found at Hobby Lobby. Did I mention how much I love Hobby Lobby?
All the plates and napkins on this buffet are from there as well. The plates and napkins on the dessert display are from Factory Card and Party Outlet.
Did you notice the "diamond" votives? They were the perfect touch!
For beverages, we used a card table, covered in this great damask that I found at Joann.
Then beer and wine were on a separate table, with these great galvanized buckets that the hostess already had. I might need to steal those! :)
Hope you enjoyed my Diamonds and Damask party!
On to the next one!
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  1. all looks gorgeous!
    Great great job!

  2. very cute! I love red, white and black together... the red just pops so much!

  3. Wow! It all turned out great. I LOVE the pomanders and the vases for the pops. Well done!


  4. Gorgeous! I LOVE the crepe paper pomanders! I might just have to try those!! Great Job!

  5. The pomanders are ridicuously gorgeous! The dessert table is perfection. Beyond beautiful:)

  6. Ummmmm.....HELLO? Have you seen your Damask dessert tower, and the pillow boxes? Of course you have! I adore Damask...and pillow boxes for some weird reason. Talk about jealous! Scooby Doo posters are lame compared to this gorgeous layout! Seriously. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog though. Do you think I can talk my son into B&W Damask next year? No? Shoot.

  7. Really fantastic job! Just gorgeous and I love the presentation of the strawberries and marshmallows treats!

  8. Kate @ Andeverythingsweet.blogspot.comAugust 18, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    Wow!!! Amazing!! I love it!

  9. gorgeous! love the cupcake stands with the diamonds! so pretty!

    PS I am a follower of your blog now -- how was I not before? :)

  10. Thanks for this post!!! very nice. Plan to copy ideas for my baby's 1st bday. Hope its okay. Hope I can do the same. Thanks again.

  11. Awesome post! Thanks for all of the tips!!

  12. Ok - love this idea. I'm going to use the damask idea with lime green (my niece's colors are lime green and black) Love your food ideas too - has me thinking about what to do! So glad I found this over at Kelly's Korner (and glad she has the links easy to find too!!)


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