Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bear Necessities...

I've been busy the past few days working on projects for my upcoming Jungle Book party!
I really should be doing more things right now, but as you can tell, I am not!
This weekend,  I was out of town for my annual girlfriends' weekend and I returned to find a box from the lovely, and wonderful Purple Pug!
I could not find ANY paper products online or otherwise, that went with the Jungle Book theme. There was plenty of Jungle themed partyware and ideas, but if you remember Jungle Book, it is really more about the animals and India.
So, I begged asked Kristy to make me some favor tags and Cupcake picks.
They are so adorable that I cannot even tell you.
I wish you could see her glitter technique up close! It is amazing!  All the animals have little glittered parts, whether is is stripes, spots, or noses!
We are doing Little Golden Jungle Books for the favors, and these tags are just perfection!
Wrapped in a little raffia, they are just the perfect favor!


  1. Must. Lie. Down...Feeling dizzy from the ADORABLENESS! Seriously cannot wait to see these party pics. I know you will create a jungle-y masterpiece like no other! Thank you for the opportunity to add some sparkle:) xo

  2. Kristy really did knock those out of the park. SO CUTE!! Where did you find the Golden Books? Our local book store has them but they are very pricey :(


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