Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unconventional Shopping!

 When people ask me about how I got inspired to do a certain craft or DIY,  I usually say to them that I get a lot of my inspiration by just literally going down every aisle of the craft store (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann, etc). Well, that and I sometimes keep a notebook in my nightstand, because it seems the best ideas come to you at night. Why is that?
Sometimes things pop out at you on random aisles, that you might not have thought of or seen otherwise. Of course, Greyson loves this, as Hobby Lobby trips can turn into hour long excursions.

But, sometimes, shopping at unconventional places can garner the best inspiration of all. Take, for instance, Home Depot.
When I did this Honey-Do wedding shower in January, I walked down almost every aisle at Home Depot.
 I originally wanted to do this front door wreath with a waterhose, but when I found this lime green extension cord, it was ON. Home Depot actually twittered about this wreath when they saw it via Michelle at Everyday Celebrating, and I almost died.
Another unconventional material that I used for this shower was paint cans. I used them as menu card holders! But, you could also use them as risers for your trays too.  I also used paint trays as serving pieces.
One of my all-time favorite Home Depot purchases is AstroTurf. They will cut it to any size you want, and believe it or not, it comes in a variety of colors!  It makes the perfect tablecloth for any party themed around the outdoors/sports/etc.
I did this Ocotber wedding back in 2006 and I loved the idea that they had for favors, Caramel Apples! I got these apple barrels at Garden Ridge and they were FOAM! They look so real, but they weigh about a pound each!  I used these for several other events as well.
Another fun offbeat serving piece is fish bowls. At this wedding, I used these large fish bowls to serve dirt cake. The bride wanted a traditional groom's cake, and the groom wanted dirt cake, so we had both! I literally could not keep people out of this dirt cake. I caught some guests eating it before either of the cakes were cut!

And, my newest Home Depot find......
PVC pipe!
I bought these two pieces of PVC pipe yesterday, spray painted them green, topped them with $1 acrylic plates from Target, and voila....
Super Mario Dessert stands!


  1. Brittany! That rocks! I can't wait to see the Mario Party. What a great theme.


  2. OMG! I love your blog. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm so happy that it led me to you!

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