Monday, September 27, 2010

West Siiiiiiide!

It's pretty much taking everything I have not to bust out some Tupac lyrics right now.

Have you heard about this amazing new party planning challenge on Children's Party Network!?
I am super excited about being involved in this really cool, unique, charitable challenge for all us party-addicts out there!

Text from Children's Party Network:

The idea: One party theme, two amazing teams in two different time zones will each create a vision of fabulousity. These unique tablescapes will showcase brilliant design ideas, amazing partyware and creative collaboration of our party loving peers.

Tablescape 1, West Coast - Styled by Natalie of Little Shindigs 
Tablescape 2, East Coast – Styled by Kristy of The Purple Pug
Both teams will create an original tablescape based on the theme. Completed tablescapes will be photographed and showcased. We will auction off the two completed tablescapes, and donate the proceeds to a worthy charity.

We have found that perfect charity, Project Night Night. This beautiful and noble charity distributes tote bags filled with a book, a stuffed animal and a blankie to children in homeless shelters. They exist to help homeless children have sweeter dreams. Noble, indeed.

The tablescape is based on a New Year's Eve Party for children. A more specific theme will be narrowed down in the coming weeks, but drumroll please........

Memphis is really geographically in the Mid-South, neither East nor West, but I seriously wanted to participate in this challenge, so I am lucky to work with some lovely, lovely bloggers and event planners representing the West Coast, such as:

Kira and Abigal at Paper and Cake
Donna at Party Wishes

And so many more!!


  1. Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuumble:) Good luck:)

  2. Hey thanks for throwing me in there! I'm pretty psyched about this little showdown of course! West Siiiiiiiiide!!! ((insert Tupac's WestSide W's here))

  3. had me at West Siiiide!! LMAO!! Love it..what you ladies are doing is amazing! I will be routing for you westsiders!!

  4. How is it that we're both in the South, and I'm EAST and you're WEST???? Somebody needs to go back to 7th grade geography class!!! ANYWAY.... it doesn't matter much which side -- we all get to have fun and work alongside (uhhhh, maybe email-side) some of our favorite designers and it's all for a good cause, too! Watch out WEST.... EAST SIDE is in the Hooouuuuuuuuuusse!


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