Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!!! (An Ode to My Sister's Favorite Holiday)

Happy Halloween!
I am not usually one to dress up for Halloween (that's my sister's department, more on that later), but I was thinking about some of my prior costumes this morning and came up with these pictures.

This was 2000!  My stomach sure doesn' look like that anymore. Obviously, you know who I am, but Ryan is a Hooters Girl. Yeah. Bad idea.
One year we went as a black-eyed-pea (Black eye, shirt with a P on it) and Pablo Escobar. I guess Ryan looked pretty authentic, because people kept asking me if he hit me in the eye.
Either that, or I am really good at makeup.

Last year, we were George Michael and a Robert Palmer girl. We blew it out last year.
We won the costume contest hands-down.
A close-up of the makeup.
I have been begging Ryan to be George Michael for years. He grows a mean 5 o'clock shadow.
I hand made the jacket appliques and applied them with transfer paper. I also strategically cut his jeans to be exactly like George's jeans.

But, this post is dedicated to my sister, Lyndsay, who is the queen of Halloween. She makes all her own costumes and she is seriously talented. Most of them at 80's inspierd and totally ridiculous. While my talent is designing parties, her talent is designing costumes and styling.
So, without further ado, here is a rundown of Lyndsay's costumes in the past few years.

#1--Rainbow Bright.
 This is a store-bought child's costume, which she modified to fit her. I have no idea what that guy is supposed to be. She made those boots out of some old boots that she had already.

#2--Barbie and The Rockers (with Ken)
Her husband made that Barbie Brush out of foam core and dowels. He's pretty much amazing.
Same boots--just made over again. This costume was a boustier that she got and transformed into a glitter fest.

#3--Candyland's Princess Lolly and Mr. Mint.
And yes, her husband is a great sport!  I don't know any other men who will wear purple silk bloomers.

#4--My Little Pony and an Army Soldier
There is the Barbie Brush again. And, just for reference....she sold almost all her belongings in a yard sale before she moved to NYC, but that brush went into the UHaul. Priorities.
This was when she was working at Patricia Field and they had to dress up the entire Halloween week. You know she hated that.

#5--Dolly Parton
She got that square dancing outfit off of Ebay or Etsy, not sure which, but it's amazing.

#6--G.L.O.W. Wrestling's Lady Godiva.
Yep, she walked down the streets of NYC in that outfit. The best part is that it was a thong in the back.
She is amazing. She killed it this year.


  1. WOW, your sister has some serious talent! And so do you for that matter!
    Happy weekend! :)

  2. You girls are too much. What a wonderful tribute to Lyndsay's creativity! She is AWESOME and so are you. I love you both!!!!

    Love Aunt Lori

  3. Your sister in insane and I. LOVE. Her.
    You gals remind me of my kid sister and I. I do parties and she loves to dress up as well...and she is a lot more fun at partie then I am too! LOL.

    You are both Fabulous.....thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, she is amazing! I love her makeup!


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