Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making Old New Again...and some other awesome things that made my week!

 I got a little extra crafty around this house this week. I love to take things and make them into totally new things. Take, for instance, those old, very specific, party items that we all have lying around our house. I mean, how many times are you realistically going to do a circus party?
So, inspired by some leftovers from other parties, I decided to re-use some of my items leftover from other parties and repurpose them for this weekend's Super Mario extravaganza.
Hey, I'm green.

Got lots of leftover foam dice from last weekend's Casino party?

No problem....make them into bricks for the Mario Party.

It's amazing what you can do with a little hot glue and some brick scrapook paper.

Remember this cupcake stand from my Diamonds and Damask engagement party?

Well, the bottom half is now a toadstool cake stand.
I spray painted the bottom half green, and covered the top half in felt and stuffed it with batting, and used some sticky felt for the dots.  
Hope this gives you some great ideas to turn your leftovers into gorgeous new props!

To my delight, I opened up my inbox yesterday morning to find that my Jungle Book party was one of the featured photos on Martha's Dreamers Into Doers!

And, then, Jillian, at Catch My Party, was lovely enough to rotate Jungle Book as her Party of the Day! I heart Jillian!

Then, Jungle Book was also featured on Party Like a Kid today!

THEN, my GIRL Kristy at The Purple Pug asked me to be her blog crush for the day!
She is doing an amaaaazing thing by spreading the party love and not being a PARTY BULLY, and interviewing 365 party bloggers, one for every day of the next year and I am thrilled to be 3/365.
Kristy, I think you're the coolest! Thanks for asking me to be your blog crush, when you KNOW that you're mine.


  1. LOVE the extras for the Mario party! Brings me back to the day of playing the game regularly! :) Who doesn't love Mario And Luigi!?

  2. wow! amazing DIY transformations! love it!

    and congrats on MS feature!

  3. Hey there.. Saw you on The Purple Pug. Another Memphis here and your newest follower. xoxo!

  4. OMG Brit!! Loving those transformations!! AND congrats on all the features..loved all your answers on The Purple Pug!!

  5. I tried replying to your email but your email address isn't linked to blogger. Anyhoodle.. I'm in Cordova. Super close to Shelby Farms. :)

  6. big congrats on all the features brittany - you deserve them because your work is s fab! I liked your pug interview! Your CPN friend Jane:)


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