Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fondant Cupcake Toppers--My New Crush

I have been waiting to have a party where I could use fondant cupcake toppers...who's with me?
I adore this kind of detail work because I know how difficult it must be to handmake these tiny little identical toppers. And, I just don't have the patience!

I found all these ADORABLE toppers on Etsy and I am crushing on each one in a different way.

First up, Hello Kitty toppers. Oh, this makes me want a girl in a big way.
Source: CraftyAngels

How real do these leaves and acorns look?  I wish I were having a Thanksgiving party, just so I could order these.

 These little shoes make me want to throw a lingerie or bridal shower. I really just want these lying around my house because they are cute.

The fabulous TwoSugarBabies has her Christmas collection out, and I was swooning over each and every one! Look at this little Santa! I love him!  

 These Toy Story toppers really make me want to get on the Toy Story party bandwagon. I love those movies and these little piggy toppers are precious!

SWOON! I love these! I love orange, and these are right up my alley.  

I love vintage buttons...they remind me of my late Nana because she always had random buttons around that didn't have partners. We used to go to Hancock's with her during the summers and they would have they cast-off orphan button bins and my sister and I would always find little treasures in there.
So, these gumpaste buttons speak to me on a whole other level.

And these delicate little butterflies would be perfect for a sweet little girl's party. Someone hire me for a girl's party!!!  
Source: SugarRobot


  1. I'm totally with you!! I'm posting about some I seen on "Cupcakes Take the Cake". Cute stuff!!

  2. Fondant toppers make life easier when decorating cupcakes! I love working with Charynn from Two Sugar Babies! She's AWESOME!!!


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