Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010-- A Year of Parties in Review

Wow. 2010 flew by!
I really can't believe that it's almost New Year's Eve!
If you are like me and my husband, once you had kids, you pretty much forfeited the right to go out for New Year's Eve for the next 10 years. And actually, that's not even true. I just don't have the energy!
I would SO rather be in my pajamas watching a movie and eating popcorn. I don't think I even made it to midnight for the past few years!  A girl needs her beauty sleep!

I really didn't realize how busy I had been this year with parties until I started to compile them for this post!

January brought my very first gender reveal party.
Our dear friends, Tommy and Lauren, wanted a unique way to spread the news on their new bundle of joy, so I came up with this "What's It Gonna Bee?" Theme for them. I knew I wanted to use yellow, so this idea came really organically after I started playing with some phrases for "what's it going to be?"
It's been fun to see all the other parties that have used this theme since. I love the graphic contrast of black and yellow together. It really pops off the table!
I just about fell out of my desk chair when LilSugar e-mailed me to ask if they could use this picture! Major!

In February, I did a wedding shower that had a "Honey-Do" theme. When I think of a honey-do shower, I think of "man-stuff." So I did most of my shopping at Home Depot and Lowe's.
My favorite element of the party was this extension cord wreath that I designed. I originally wanted to use a water hose, but it was too bulky. The best part was that the couple could still use this cord! I have had several requests from other party girls on how to make one, and have seen a few that have been ADORABLE. My favorite was an orange one from a construction themed birthday party.
Thanks to to very awesome Michelle at Everyday Celebrating, who tweeted about this wreath, HOME DEPOT tweeted about it! Color me stunned!

In March, my sweet man turned 2!  I planned this one for the longest and didn't think it would actually happen, due to us moving right in the middle of it!
 The theme was Retro Rockets!
I wanted this to be throwback, but also modern. I had some help from some wonderful vendors on this one, and the inspiration was the Michael Miller fabric that is on the table.
I hand-dyed all the icing for the cupcakes because I am a control freak. I had to have it match EXACTLY.

In May, one of my BFF's had a Sip and See for her THIRD baby boy! Meredith is currently obsessing over bird themed everything, so we went with a "Welcome to the Nest/Feather Her Nest" theme. It was so gorgeous and tied in wonderfully with the decor of her house. I actually noticed on her blog the other day that she used some of the leftover decor from this shower for her beautiful Christmas decor! Thrifty momma!
Major props to my co-hostesses, Kari, Lindsey, Jill, Whitney, and Hannah!
I DIY'ed this bird nest tier server for the occasion, and it is hands-down one of my favorite projects ever!

In August, I did a "Diamonds and Damask" engagement party. The bride chose cherry red for her Christmas wedding, so I decided on a very classic damask and red palette. I had so much fun with this party and I adore the way it turned out!
These crepe paper pomanders were the hit of the party. They were a TON of work, but so, so worth it. Tissue poms are cute, but I am tired of looking at them! This gave it a fresh, new look!  By the way, I make these custom, so if you want some for your next party, hit me up on Etsy!

In October, I did a Jungle Book Themed party for GreyGrey's best friend, Grant. His mommy wanted this theme because it was his favorite movie at the time. I love the bright, colorful design of this party! It turned out so happy and bright. If I had to describe my style, this is how I would describe it--happy, colorful, and fun.
Big, huge, enormous thank yous on this party to the one and only Kristy at The Purple Pug. She blew it out for me and made me these AMAZING cupcake toppers and favor tags when I couldn't find ANYTHING Jungle Book related! Kristy, I heart you.

In October, I started working with a new, very wonderful client, Wendy, for several parties. She started off October with a Casino Themed 40th Birthday Party for her husband, Beau. This is probably my favorite party ever. I just love how it turned out.
 The feathers and card garlands were my favorite components.
This cake absolutely knocked my socks off. I gasped when I opened the box. The level of detail on it was just amazing.

The very next weekend, Wendy celebrated her son Tate's 7th birthday with my help. I was an avid fan of Super Mario Brothers back in my day, so I immediately loved this theme!
I had a blast with this one, really trying to incorporate as many Mario elements as I could. The PVC pipe came to me like a bolt of lightning and it was definitely the most commented part of the entire party! PS, a tip: Rustoleum paint is the best paint ever.

In December, I had the pleasure of working with Wendy again for a Cookies with Santa party. I went very classic with this theme, really staying true to the green and red palette.

The cupcakes were one of my favorite parts of this party, thanks to the wonderful Karen Shelton. Those little toppers were store-bought and SO precious!

And finally, I had the distinct pleasure of working with some tremendously talented party chicks for the 1st Children's Party Network West Coast vs. East Coast challenge. And even though my team didn't win, I had a blast doing it!  Major thank yous to Natalie at Little Shindigs and Kristy at The Purple Pug for tackling this HUGE project!
My contributions were this gorgeous chandelier and designing these silent movie intertitles.

And finally, I want to thank all the fellow party bloggers/websites who have featured me this year. I am so grateful to have been showcased on your blogs!

I think you are all amazing!

Here's to a wonderful 2011!!!


  1. Brit, I'm SO amazingly proud of you and your success this past year! You are an inspiration to all of us creative mommies. :) I will always dream of us combining our talents and taking on the party world by storm-ha ha! :) Love you!

  2. you are super talented! I hope the new year brings you many blessings! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing =)

  3. You are SO COOL! They all look so AWESOME! ~♥~ Deena, Sweet D'Saenz Candy Buffets :o)

  4. Yes, so many fabulous parties! I remember them all!!! Can't wait to see what you have 2011!

  5. Dude..Could you have styled any more awesomeness in one year? You are my supa hero. Cannot wait to see what 2011 brings:) (Besides a cutey little baby to plan parties for) xoxoxoxxoxoxoxxo

  6. I am so glad I found your site! Such great ideas. Love the extension wrapped wreath. And the rocket party... so cool.

  7. Bring on 2011... knowing GreyGrey Designs, it'll just keep getting better!!! :)

  8. What a great year of parties!! All are fave is the Casino birthday party. I may be borrowing some of your ideas for my 7th anniversary in Feb!!

  9. What a great round-up! I love love that turquoise chandelier!


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