Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Children's Party Network East Coast vs. West Coast Party Challenge

So, by now, I hope that everyone who reads this blog has heard of the Children's Party Network.
The CPN was founded by absolutely lovely Natalie, from Little Shindigs.
Her partner in crime is the equally amazing Kristy from The Purple Pug.
Together, they formed an amazing network to bring party professionals together to share pictures, chat, and just generally get to know each other and support one another's businesses. 
I have spent more time on CPN than I would like to admit, and if you are not hooked on it yet, you will be soon. 

Well, Natalie and Kristy decided that it would be such a fun, wonderful idea to get our talents together to collaborate on a charity fundraising oppurtunity. So, they recruited many, many talented party ladies into a West Coast vs. East Coast Challenge.
The challenge was simply that each coast and its players would contribute to a tablescape for a children's New Year's Eve Party. That party was themed "black and white" and those were the only restrictions. These lovely ladies also decided that they wanted to raise money for a great charity in the process. The charity that they chose is called "Project Night Night" and it donates blankets, stuffed animals, and age-appropriate books to children in homeless shelters. You can donate to Project Night Night at this link.

Natalie styled the West Coast ladies' photoshoot and Kristy styled the East Coast ladies' photoshoot. The results were revealed yesterday and let me say, they are amazing! These girls blew it OUT.
I can imagine how difficult it must have been for them to try to coordinate all the party goods and foods that were literally being delivered from around the country!

But, since I was assigned to Team West, I am a little biased for our side!
Here are some of my favorite pictures from Team West. Natalie did a brilliant job styling this shoot to look like an Our Gang party. I mean, who doesn't love The Little Rascals???

My part in the challenge was to design two compenents; the silent movie intertitles, you can see one here; and a chandelier made from Mardi Gras beads; and to help Natalie with her inspiration board.

If you look closely, you can see that the cupcake stand is actually film canister!

I am dying over these place cards!

Here is my beauty. A full link to the tutorial coming soon. Note: this was NOT my own original idea, this was inspired by another one I saw and fell in love with! But, it was so easy that anyone could do it!

Another one of my intertitles.

Oh, and there was a West Coast Team too!  :)
They absolutely knocked it out of the park too! You can see more pictures of their party at The Purple Pug. Thier theme was inspired by the comics. It was ADORABLE! 

I was honored to be a part of this challenge and I think both teams deserve an enormous pat on the back for the amazing, clever parties that they came up with!

So now, it's up to you to vote on the winner!
You can vote here:

You've got 6 days to vote, but remember......


  1. Great Job Britt!!! You ladies did an AMAZING job..can't wait for that tutorial..I LOVE it!! Go WEST!!

  2. I'm so anxious for that tutorial as well!! Hurry hurry! :) Great job ladies! I bow to the masters! Go WEST baby!!

  3. you are amazing Brittany. I am honored to have you on my team and SO greatful for the opportunity to get to know you a little better. YOU ROCK!

  4. Just wanted to send congrats your way on being featured on Kara's Party Ideas!

    Keep up the good work!



  5. Oh! I love LOVE the Little Rascal theme! I have seen all the episodes of the original "Our Gang"! Definitely a fan :)


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