Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{Real Parties} Lego Party!

She's done it again!
Remember my dear friend, Meredith, from the Lilly Pulitzer baby shower?
Well, her oldest son turned 6 last week, and she threw an ADORABLE lego-themed party for him. It was the perfect theme-because let me tell you, Graham is obsessed with Legos!
I love this color scheme--so fresh and modern!
Visit her blog to see more creative and fun ideas!
Blowing it out as usual Mere!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Can't Stop Myself!

Still hard at work on DIY projects!
It seems I just can't stop myself from making things these days. I admit it, I have problems.
First up, a DIY cupcake stand.

I used two different sized hat boxes from Hobby Lobby to create this cupcake stand, which will be the centerpiece of my dessert display for the Diamonds and Damask party.
In the middle is a simple cylindrical vase that I filled with "diamonds," also found at Hobby Lobby. This picture doesn't do the stand justice--it is really big. I can't wait to see it filled with cupcakes and the cute toppers that I made!
Did anyone else see this brilliant tutorial on crepe paper roses and pomanders?  I don't even remember where I saw the link to these, but Danielle at Homespun with Heart is my new hero. Look at these gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous pomanders that she made out of crepe paper! Don't they look totally real?
She totally inspired me to do my own version for the party!  I wanted something besides the same old tissue poms and I think this is PERFECT!
It's totally time consuming, but utterly worth it! I've completed two large ones, and I am working on 3 smaller ones at the moment.
The black and white ones are made of zebra patterned crepe paper, which I just could not say no to!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catch My Party Again!

Catch My Party

Big Thanks to Jillian At Catch My Party for featuring me again today! She did an awesome blog post on dessert tables and included my "What's It Gonna Bee?" Gender Reveal Party in her post!
It's an awesome idea for a post, because the planners all reveal what desserts that they used in their displays!

Thanks again Jillian!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DIY Pillow Box Favors

Still hard at work on the Diamonds and Damask engagement party. This time...FAVORS!
And, what else but RING POPS? I mean, it's all about the ring right?
I had the toughest time coming up with packaging for a ring-pop because they are super bulky. So, I printed out several free favor box templates that I found online and finally found that a pillow box was the perfect fit. I used to make a whole page of damask print, then printed 30 pages of it off onto card stock and then flipped the paper over and printed the template on the other side. 
And, there you have it...DIY pillow boxes for favors. 

I wrapped each one in red ribbon to coordinate with the theme and then made custom tags for them with, printed them off and punched them with a scallop punch. 

Favors: Finished!

In other news, I have a Martha Stewart: Dreamers Into Doers page, as of today!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get GreyGrey's Button!

I've got a button now!
Snap it up it you want some pretty on your blog!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cutesy Cupcake Toppers

I've been happily working on more projects for my Diamonds and Damask party next month. I spent a very exciting Friday night making these cupcake toppers. The bride is having candy apple red as her color for the wedding, and of course, this coordinates perfectly with damask, so I wanted to bring in some red into the cupcake display particularly. I am working on that as well. I am using two different sized hat-boxes and some red ribbon to design my own custom cupcake stand. It's going to be adorable.
These toppers are available in my Etsy shop assembled, or as printables. Check it out!
And yes, I did just happen to have cannoli in my house.
This weekend, I am off to the Big Apple to visit my baby sister!  She is living the dream in NYC.
Ever since we were kids, her favorite movie was "Mannequin" and now she actually doing that exact job (without the talking mannequins of course)! She is a visual merchandise manager at the brand-spanking new Forever 21 in Times Square.  So yes, be jealous....all she does all day is dress mannequins. It's like she gets paid to play with life-sized Barbies all day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I heart Aprons!

I love aprons. LOVE them!
I have a small collection of vintage ones from both my grandmothers and I use them daily because it seems that I cannot cook without wearing half of the food.  In fact, when my Nana died last year, one of the things that I wanted was her emerald green organza apron. LOVE.
See, I've got a June Cleaver streak and these aprons would suit that just fine!
I mean, who doesn't want to look cute while preparing for your next party?

Etsy has a serious selection of handmade vintage-inspired aprons...all of which are calling my name.

Love the details on this one! Ruching at the top will make your girls look bigger too!

This one is perfection for my upcoming Diamonds and Damask party!

This one reminds me of some stuff that my grandmothers wore in the 70s. Love that Michae Miller fabric and ric-rac makes everything cute. Plus, this one is more of your everyday apron.
Okay, hello sexy!  I am thinking this one is a husband-pleaser.
This one has a full-on circle skirt! Soooo fifties!
I'm pretty sure that if you wore this one, birds might randomly land on you and sing. I love that because I secretly wish I was a Disney princess who breaks into song with animals.
Hey Luuuucyyyyyy!
And oh my. This one is divine. Hands off girls, this one is mine. Purple....sigh.
And this seller does monogramming, so this is about to have a big old BSM on it.
I like to think that this is what Grace Kelly might have worn in the know, if she didn't have a palace and a staff of 200.
Or maybe Betty Draper.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've been missing in action!
That's because I was here...
This is my hubby's BFF Kyle, and his lovely new bride Stephanie. We were in Nashville for the weekend for their wedding!
But, I have also been busy with projects.
I wanted to do a ribbon wreath for the Diamonds and Damask engagement party, but I wanted it to be a little different than your standard ribbon wreath. So, I bought the wider, wired ribbon (say that 3 times fast).
This damask and zebra ribbon was 50% off at Hobby Lobby and you know I snatched it up!
It only took two rolls of ribbon and a wreath form.
Total: $12.00
Oh yeah.