Thursday, September 30, 2010

All things Candy Corn...and delicious.

Candy Corn is super divisive, have you noticed that? People always have super strong feelings about it. Either you love it, or you hate it.

I, for one, love it on a level which is not healthy for me, literally or figuratively.

Nothing says "Fall" to me more than candy corn. That classic color combination!
I recently discovered my new obsession....
Thank you Hershey's for candy corn flavored kisses.
I want to make out with them.
My husband does not agree.

I am also dying over these candy corn poms, on where else...Martha!


 I know everyone has seen this lovely wreath on Woman's Day by now, but it's worth a mention. I want to make one really badly. I don't even have anywhere to put it.
 Love these Candy Corn Lollipops from Sweet Celebrations, Favor Tags by Little Beane Boutique.
 Everyone knows I love I good feather wreath!
 I would have already bought this adorable yarn wreath if I had seen it before I bought my current door hanging. I loooooove it!
Think these are cupcakes? Wrong.
They are bath bombs!
But, here are the cupcakes.
Oh my.

Monday, September 27, 2010

West Siiiiiiide!

It's pretty much taking everything I have not to bust out some Tupac lyrics right now.

Have you heard about this amazing new party planning challenge on Children's Party Network!?
I am super excited about being involved in this really cool, unique, charitable challenge for all us party-addicts out there!

Text from Children's Party Network:

The idea: One party theme, two amazing teams in two different time zones will each create a vision of fabulousity. These unique tablescapes will showcase brilliant design ideas, amazing partyware and creative collaboration of our party loving peers.

Tablescape 1, West Coast - Styled by Natalie of Little Shindigs 
Tablescape 2, East Coast – Styled by Kristy of The Purple Pug
Both teams will create an original tablescape based on the theme. Completed tablescapes will be photographed and showcased. We will auction off the two completed tablescapes, and donate the proceeds to a worthy charity.

We have found that perfect charity, Project Night Night. This beautiful and noble charity distributes tote bags filled with a book, a stuffed animal and a blankie to children in homeless shelters. They exist to help homeless children have sweeter dreams. Noble, indeed.

The tablescape is based on a New Year's Eve Party for children. A more specific theme will be narrowed down in the coming weeks, but drumroll please........

Memphis is really geographically in the Mid-South, neither East nor West, but I seriously wanted to participate in this challenge, so I am lucky to work with some lovely, lovely bloggers and event planners representing the West Coast, such as:

Kira and Abigal at Paper and Cake
Donna at Party Wishes

And so many more!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY Palm Trees!

This was my Tuesday night project....DIY Palm Trees for the Jungle Book party.
Want to know how I made them?
The trunks are made from rolls of wrapping paper!
I took a length off the roll, glued the roll closed, then tore pieces of the extra and glued them back on!

Stick some greenery in the top, glue them to a wooden disk and voila....your very own palm trees!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bear Necessities...

I've been busy the past few days working on projects for my upcoming Jungle Book party!
I really should be doing more things right now, but as you can tell, I am not!
This weekend,  I was out of town for my annual girlfriends' weekend and I returned to find a box from the lovely, and wonderful Purple Pug!
I could not find ANY paper products online or otherwise, that went with the Jungle Book theme. There was plenty of Jungle themed partyware and ideas, but if you remember Jungle Book, it is really more about the animals and India.
So, I begged asked Kristy to make me some favor tags and Cupcake picks.
They are so adorable that I cannot even tell you.
I wish you could see her glitter technique up close! It is amazing!  All the animals have little glittered parts, whether is is stripes, spots, or noses!
We are doing Little Golden Jungle Books for the favors, and these tags are just perfection!
Wrapped in a little raffia, they are just the perfect favor!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I heart Giraffes.

My aunt e-mailed me last week about some ideas for a baby shower for a girl that she works with. My first question is always; "what theme or colors is the nursery going to be done in?"
This gives me a lot of inspiration for themes because it is essentially a window into the expectant mom's personality and style.
She told me that the nursery was going to be in brown with gold for giraffes. Perfect! There are tons of gorgeous giraffe themed parties in the blog-world. So,  I put together this inspiration board for her.
Giraffe Print Invitation: Etsy Seller: MommiesInk
Giraffe Fondant Cupcake Toppers: Etsy Seller: TwoSugarBabies
Giraffe Cupcake Toppers: Etsy Seller: DesignerFavors
Giraffe Koozie: Etsy Seller: PaigesPastime
Giraffe Invitation Blue: Etsy Seller: DimplePrints
Giraffe Teether: Amazon
Giraffe Invitation Wordle: Minted
Giraffe lantern: World Market
Giraffe Cupcake Stand: Elite Cake Designs
Giraffe Diaper Cake: Half Baked: The Cake Blog
Tissue Poms: Etsy Seller: Prosttothehost
Giraffe Cake: Stacey's Sweet Shop
Giraffe Cupcakes: Amy Atlas via Scissors Paper Cake

Could you die over those fondant cupcake toppers? TwoSugarBabies is an amazing Etsy Shop! Visit her shop and be guaranteed to be picking your jaw up off the floor!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something Different....

A few weeks ago, I did something a little out of the ordinary for me. My friend, Mollie, from high school, asked me if I could custom make her some bow holders for her precious litle girls. See, she is addicted to bows, as are many of you girl-mommies, I know.
I sent her some ideas that I saw on Etsy and around on other websites, and she picked this design. So, I found these adorable wooden plaques at Hobby Lobby and went to town. She liked them so much that she ordered one for her friends' baby too!
You can find them in my Etsy Shop!  I can do any color combination or name!

In exchange, Mollie embroidered a shirt for my sweet Greyson to wear to this winter's Memphis football games and basketball games. Isn't is precious?
Check out Mollie's embroidery site, or her Facebook page! She does custom work with applique and embroidery and it is all adorable!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Super, Duper Mario Party

One of the parties that I am working on for October is a 7 year old's Super Mario themed party. I am super excited about this theme because I was a hard-core Mario 3 addict back in the day. That is, back when I was in elementary school. And of course, my husband is a big help with this theme too.
Here is the inspiration board that I worked up for the client a few weeks ago.
Mario and Luigi Hats and Cookie/Dessert Display: So Wonderful, So Marvelous
Mario Cupcake Toppers: Etsy Seller: BabyLuv2008
Toadstool Candy Tin: Amazon
Favor Boxes: Amazon
Toadstool Napkins: Amazon
Mario Cake and Chocolate Mustaches: Gesch Who's Got a Blog?
Luigi Cupcakes: At Home with Kim Vallee
Mario Cupcake Fondant Toppers: Death By Cupcake
Star Pillow: Etsy Seller: Modernality
Mario Party with Balloons: One Fine Day
Jadyn Invitation: Etsy Seller: InviteDelightTOO
Bottom Invitation: Etsy Seller: MagicDesignUSA
Ticket Style Invitation: Etsy Seller: OneStopInviteShop
Painted Plant: ZakkaLife
Bottom Mario Cake: GroomStand

Last week, I showed you the PVC dessert stands that I was working on and now, here are a couple of others little things that I have up my sleeve.
Custom letters for the dessert table in our primary color theme:
And DIY glass blocks made into the famous question blocks from the game.
These were super easy to make. I bought $9.99 glass block at Hobby Lobby (50% off, I LOVE that place!) and then taped off my question marks with blue painters' tape. I used high gloss yellow Rustoleum to paint them yellow and've got yourself some question blocks!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Peace out, Summer.

Happy Labor Day!
I have to say, I have never been more ready for a summer to be over than I am for this summer. Memphis had the 2nd hottest summer on record and I am OVER it.
Luckily, this weekend has been dream weather so far and it was perfect or our small BBQ with friends last night. Now, in Memphis, when we have BBQ, we have BBQ and that means pulled pork, not hamburgers. When we have hamburgers, that is called "grilling out."
We picked this up from the wonderful Germantown Commissary, which is close to our house and it was so yum.
I have been obsessed with sunflowers lately and I found these adorable gingham plates at Target last week, so I went with that theme.
I found a bunch of cute gingham ribbon on clearance...wooo!  And yes, I wrap plastic serving ware even when our friends come over. I have problems.
I never let a bit go to waste. PS-I found those plastic wine glasses at Kroger for $1.99 each. See, I hate washing wine glasses and you can put these in the dishwasher!
All the BBQ fixings.
It's not BBQ without the sausage and cheese!
I found this little crock at Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago and I am already using it all the time. It has a hot plate, OR, it has a stand for a candle to go underneath it. It's perfect for keeping dips hot without having to hide a cord! I hate cords.
We had a great night with friends and there is nothing like friends, yummy food, laughing, and perfect weather!
Hope you're having a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unconventional Shopping!

 When people ask me about how I got inspired to do a certain craft or DIY,  I usually say to them that I get a lot of my inspiration by just literally going down every aisle of the craft store (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann, etc). Well, that and I sometimes keep a notebook in my nightstand, because it seems the best ideas come to you at night. Why is that?
Sometimes things pop out at you on random aisles, that you might not have thought of or seen otherwise. Of course, Greyson loves this, as Hobby Lobby trips can turn into hour long excursions.

But, sometimes, shopping at unconventional places can garner the best inspiration of all. Take, for instance, Home Depot.
When I did this Honey-Do wedding shower in January, I walked down almost every aisle at Home Depot.
 I originally wanted to do this front door wreath with a waterhose, but when I found this lime green extension cord, it was ON. Home Depot actually twittered about this wreath when they saw it via Michelle at Everyday Celebrating, and I almost died.
Another unconventional material that I used for this shower was paint cans. I used them as menu card holders! But, you could also use them as risers for your trays too.  I also used paint trays as serving pieces.
One of my all-time favorite Home Depot purchases is AstroTurf. They will cut it to any size you want, and believe it or not, it comes in a variety of colors!  It makes the perfect tablecloth for any party themed around the outdoors/sports/etc.
I did this Ocotber wedding back in 2006 and I loved the idea that they had for favors, Caramel Apples! I got these apple barrels at Garden Ridge and they were FOAM! They look so real, but they weigh about a pound each!  I used these for several other events as well.
Another fun offbeat serving piece is fish bowls. At this wedding, I used these large fish bowls to serve dirt cake. The bride wanted a traditional groom's cake, and the groom wanted dirt cake, so we had both! I literally could not keep people out of this dirt cake. I caught some guests eating it before either of the cakes were cut!

And, my newest Home Depot find......
PVC pipe!
I bought these two pieces of PVC pipe yesterday, spray painted them green, topped them with $1 acrylic plates from Target, and voila....
Super Mario Dessert stands!