Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Missing in Action!

Where have I been?
I apologize for the recent lack of posts, but I've been so busy!
I am currently in the process of planning three parties in the next two months....
A Safari themed 1st birthday
A Glamorous Casino 40th Birthday
and my Hamburger Party!

In the middle of all that, a two year old who has recently gone on a nap strike and a bunch of Etsy orders!

I made two adorable new versions of my custom, personalized bow holders for the little ones.
This one for a friend of a friend and a sweet baby named Abby.

And this one for none other than Claudia at TiniPosh. And because those TiniPosh ladies love some bling, I added some special sparkle to this one!  Miss Izabella will be three soon and she's having a Cupcakes and Makeovers party! I want to go to that party!  Thanks Claudia!  Hope you love it--can't wait to see pictures of it at the party!

Then, a sweet reader who saw my Mario Party on Kara's Party Ideas, e-mailed me about making her son some custom favor tags like the ones I did for Tate's party. Thanks Paula!  Send me some pictures of the party. I would love to see it!

And last, but not least, THIS happened. We get snow maybe twice a year! My Keiko was right at home!
That picture is totally deceiving...I could barely get my pregnant self into my ski pants!


  1. LOL! Your tiny Britt! and your little guy is the cutest! Thank you so much for the custom bowholder..LOVE IT!!

  2. Love the last pic best! Just came across your blog, and am really looking forward to all the great party ideas here!

  3. You're pregnant?! I've been away from blogging for a while and just read this post! Congrats! :) I'm having my little guy this Friday! (1/21/11). How far along are you?! How exciting!!!! :) So happy for you! :)


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