Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{Real Party} All American Round Up!

I love when I come across a party that is totally and amazingly creative and detail oriented. When I saw this All American Round Up party on JC's Loft today, I was instantly blown away by Paula's attention to detail. Plus, I totally love that her business name is inspired by her little guys (me too!).

You're going to love all the special little touches that she added to this party!
 Cannot get over those adorable boot favor bags!
 This is how you know that this is a real mom planning this party-food that kids love and WANT to eat!
My little munchkin loves some cheetos too!  And, a totally clever menu name!
 My favorite detail is that she actually made these little jello jigglers herself in Gerber baby food containers that she had been saving! BRILLIANT.
 My other favorite part is this completely out-of-the-box creative cupcake display!  She cut a star from styrofoam and propped it up and pinned the cupcakes to it using toothpicks! WOW. I would have NEVER thought of that. She has a tutorial on how she did it too!
 She had these plates personalized on SO CUTE!
 The centerpiece was toy horses in their little corral!
 Now that's the face of a happy birthday boy!

Visit Paula's blog to see more of this absolutely precious party!


  1. i love this party! PAULA is one creative party mom!

  2. Thanks for the sweet words Miss Brittany! What a fun party this was...the kids had a blast : )


  3. I totally agree! This looks like one fun cowboy party, with all the creativity and attention to detail. Love the boys' vests and bandanas! Kudos, Paula.


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