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{My Parties} Greyson's Hamburger Themed 3rd Birthday Party

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Well, my little one is really 3. I am still struggling with that fact!
He starts preschool next week and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be "THAT MOM" who is bawling in the parking lot after I drop him off. Being 6 months pregnant doesn't help matters.

Greyson is not really into any characters or themes yet, so I still had the luxury of determining the party theme this year. I expect that will end next year!
So, I wanted to do a party theme that I had never seen before--a hamburger party!
I wanted it to be very retro-feeling, with lots of restaurant touches and red and white checks. Like a 50s diner, but updated and modern!

So, the inspiration was Bakerella's Hamburger Cupcakes. From there, I knew that my color palette was hamburger condiment colors--red, green, and yellow.

Hope you enjoy the Hamburger Party pictures!

Welcome to my party!
Grey's adorable shirt was made by a friend, Mollie, who has made him something for every birthday party, so far. I need a close-up picture of it, because every layer of the burger was a different fabric. The burger was minky! It was SO precious. I want him to wear it every single day.

All vendor information will be at the bottom of this post.
The invitation that started it all!

I hand-painted this sign and chipboard letter for the front door and modge-podged red and white checkered paper onto the edges for a finished look.
I always like to have a big-impact piece for the guests when they come into a party. Last year, it was a huge rocket. This year, a giant, 9-feet hand-painted hamburger!  I made it out of science fair backdrops that I cut into strips and painted. The "lettuce" is green bag shred.
I threw together a last minute hanging decoration from some lanterns and oversized ric-rac that I had in my stash!
On the bottom, Purple Pug threw in a little "extra" for me, so I hung it off the lanterns.
This cute banner was all of $16 from Shindigz. Score!

The adorable table-drop is by lovely, lovely Cari from Social Circles. She knocked it OUT.
The backdrop was a soda shop backdrop that I ordered from Shindigz. But, we modified it to fit out 6ft backdrop. It was originally 5x11, but we cut it down and glued some pieces back on it.
I wanted to have a buffet that WASN'T candy this year. It was important to me that guests (mostly adults) enjoyed getting to eat some real food, so we planned it around lunch and we grilled out sliders and had french fries. My husband had the brilliant idea to deep fry the fries in our turkey fryer and it worked out perfectly!
I got this great, antique Coca-Cola crate at Sheffield's Antique Mall for $15. It was the perfect display for the burger-cupcakes with the adorable, hand-glittered toppers by The Purple Pug.
Kristy at The Purple Pug is my GIRL, and as usual, she killed it with these precious toppers. I am biased, but I think these are possibly the cutest thing she's ever done.
A closer look at the table drop.
All the printables for this party were by the amazing Piggy Bank Parties. Do was amazing to work with. I was planning on doing my own graphic design, but when she offered to help, I was thrilled! She did three different designs for me and they were all brilliant. Mine would have looked ridiculous in comparison to how fabulous hers were!
Do did the menu cards, the stickers that I used everywhere, and the favor sign.
I loved how they turned out!
I had to have these squirt bottles. I mean, YES.
And this vintage inspired straw container was the perfect touch for the striped straws from HeyYoYo.
All the utensils were arranged in these actual restaurant supply utensil holders. They are perfect to thread cute ribbon through!
Instead of plates, I used red burger baskets, lined with checkered basket liner. It made for super easy clean-up too!
In each basket, I put the stickers in the bottom.
That great three tier stand it from Kohl's from the Food Network line.
My husband did a great job as head burger chef that day! Don't they look delicious?
I also HAD to have root beer floats. Grey loves root beer, so this was a must. Those small cups are from Lit Restaurant Supply, along with all the other authentic restaurant equipment. We did Diet floats too!
For the favors, I did two different skewers for the guests to take home.
The Purple Pug made me these adorable centerpiece flags and I used them in the top of the two jars of sweets that I had out. I sent my husband to Kroger to get the candy and I gave him instructions to get red and yellow candy. He did good right? I picked out all the grape jelly beans, because I am a spazz like that.
Piggy Bank Partes made me that favor sign which said..."Thanks for coming to Ketchup!" The Purple Pug's favor tags also had that same saying on the back.
The lovely Elizabeth with Stix N Pops made these OUTRAGEOUS marshmallow favors for me. I literally gasped when I opened the box. I wish I could get over to you how REAL the burgers looked. I had so many comments about HOW in the world she made those. Elizabeth--I need to know!
Look at the loveliness!
It is hard to tell, but I made that bucket into a "grill" with "coals" underneath it.
These cute gummy skewers were from WalMart in the Valentine's Day section. My friend Kari texted me one night and said.."GET to Walmart and get these!" So, you know I did. They were originally Spongebob SquarePants, but I took off those wrappers and put them in plain, clear ones.
For beverages, we kept the retro theme and went with old school bottles. We did Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, and Dr. Pepper. Those coke crates are from Hobby Lobby. I realized yesterday morning that I never put out the juice boxes for the kids! Woops! Sorry about that friends, I hopped your kids up on Coke for the afternoon!
This is the first year that Grey actually enjoyed his birthday and I think understood it a little more. I adore this picture!
This would have been a GREAT one, but three-year olds are SO unpredictable!
And, to boot, my sister is a creative genius and made him this I Burger NY shirt (she lives there!). That cape was a gift from our friends, and made by another friend, Erin.
Thanks for coming to my birthday party!!!
A huge, enormous, heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful party girls that helped me with this party! I literally could not have done it without you!!!


Table Drop: Social Circles
Printables: Piggy Bank Parties
Cupcake Toppers, Favor Tags, and Centerpiece Flags: The Purple Pug
Fabrics: Joann
Marshmallow Favors: Stix N Pops
Personalized Banner and Soda Shop Backdrop: Shindigz
Invitation: Invitation Box
Restaurant Supplies: Lit Restaurant Supply
Striped Straws: HeyYoYo
Giant Hamburger, Hand-painted Door Sign, and all edibles: Handmade

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