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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{My Parties} Hot Pink Glamorous Casino 40th Birthday

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In February, I designed a Casino party, for one of my favorite clients, Wendy. You may remember her parties from last year, her husband's Casino 40th and her son's Super Mario 7th, and Cookies with Santa Party.
Well, this time, it was HER turn for a party!
In celebration of her 40th birthday, she wanted to have another Casino party, except this time, Hot Pink and Glamorous! 

My starting point for inspiration was this gorgeous poker chip themed invitation from the lovely ladies at AndersRuff.  Based on these invitations, I asked them to design several coordinating printables, that you'll see in further down in this post. They were kind enough to do this, right in the middle of visiting NYC for the Dreamers into Doers event!
It is pink enough for you? I went all out with feathers, glitter, and pink. My inspiration was old-school Las Vegas showgirls.
Wendy also wanted to add damask to the mix, because she fell in love with this hot pink and black damask that I found at Premier fabrics.

For the entrance to the clubhouse where the party was held, Wendy wanted it to be a big splash. So, we rented rope and stantions from Afforable Party Rentals and Wendy found this hot pink carpet online! For above the door, we hung 7 yards of hot pink and black damask fabric for some extra umph.
Each stantion had a feathered pomander hanging from it. These were made by using styrofoam balls, feather boas, and some floral pins. So easy, but it makes a big mess! I am still picking hot pink feathers out of my carpet! The perfect finishing touch was this black and white harlequin ribbon.

Since we wanted everyone to mingle, we rented these bistro top tables and hot pink linens, and tied them with black sashes. The harlequin bowls filled with candy were from Hobby Lobby.
If you've ever been to a casino party, you know you need somewhere to hold your chips! Well, these custom tumblers were perfect! I ordered these from Party Innovations and they were just adorable! They even did a rush processing for me, and had them to me within 4 days!
AndersRuff also designed these name tags for the guests. I think that's a great touch if you have a diverse crowd and not everyone knows each other. My husband is the world's WORST with names, so he would love this!

For the dessert table, I knew I wanted Nicole at Dough a Deer to make us some of her wonderfully precious doughnuts! So, she made me these fabulous hot pink glittered ones!

I also knew that I wanted to display them in a funky way, so I ordered these hot pink playing cards (they were breast cancer fundraisers) off Ebay and punched holes in them so that a skewer would go through them. They turned out so cute!

AndersRuff also designed the adorable menu cards for me! That font is Budmo Jiggler and it's perfect for casino parties!
A hot pink party around Valentine's Day is just great because you can find all kinds of pink candies and sweets. Wendy got these pretzels, fortune cookies, and hot pink candy corn at Target!

We had a last minute weather disaster with our Oreos! Sweeties by Kim made us the most beautiful damask oreos, but they were stuck in Knoxville at the UPS distribution center because of snow and ice! So, while they actually did make it to Memphis in time, UPS would not unload the truck for us! UPS obviously doesn't know how important I am! :)
So, Oh My Ganache saved us at the last minute and did some chocolate covered oreos for us. We got our Sweeties on the following Monday and it was like a knife through my heart when I opened them and saw how beautiful they were!

Originally, we were going to have more seating, but the space turned out to be too small. But, I had prepared some centerpieces for those tables, so we ended up using them on the buffet instead. I rented three sizes of glass cylinder vases and then topped them with the feathered pomanders and some with glittered balls. In the bottom are hot pink and black gumballs.
The fabulously talented Laurie at Whimsy Cookie Company made us these amazing cookies. The damask ones were to die for! She always knocks it out of the park!
And the cake....oh the cake.
Oh My Ganache Bakery did this one for us too and as always, it was fabulous!
Her cakes are too gorgeous to eat!
Oh My Ganache also did these GIANT chocolate covered strawberries for us! And, from what I saw of the aftermath of the table, these got OUTTA there quick!  That "serving piece" is actually the top of the hat box that I used to display the doughnuts!

Great Food Simply Done by Karen Shelton did the food again for us as well. It smelled delicious, and this pregnant girl had to pry herself out of the kitchen!
Those damask runners are from Hobby Lobby. I've got several of them and they are SO useful!


We covered the ugly, rented bar with some leftover damask fabric and it really made a difference, don't you think?
For the favors, AndersRuff designed us a super cute hang-tag for our clear boxes of Hershey's kisses. I designed stickers for the bottoms of all the kisses using their invitation as inspiration and I used pink and silver kisses, which were a great find on the Valentine's Day aisle at Target! The clear boxes are from BeauCoup.
That great hot pink frame is from Hobby Lobby.

And finally, some fun party pictures of the guests in action on the tables!

 That looks like a winner ladies!
 Huge thanks to Wendy (and her husband Beau), who loves parties just as much as I do!
 Happy 40th Wendy!
Very special thanks to my dear friend, Sallie, for helping me set this party up! She and I are like one brain!
 Check out her blog HERE--she's amazing!

Printables and Invitations: AndersRuff
Backdrop Fabric: Premier Prints
Cookies: Whimsy Cookie Co.
Favor Boxes: BeauCoup
Cake and Strawberries: Oh My Ganache Bakery
Custom Tumblers: Party Innovations
Doughnuts: Dough a Deer
Plates and Napkins: Party City
Photography: Tindall Farmer Photography

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