Monday, April 11, 2011

{Real Parties} Colin's Vintage Woodland Bunny 1st Birthday

Get ready to gasp, party girls!
I love showing off my friends and family and their parties on this blog. I just happen to have some really creative ladies in my life and Miss Meredith is one of them. Meredith has always been known in our group of friends as the hostess with the mostess. You might remember her as the honoree from my Feather Her Nest Sip N' See. 
She's been blowing it out for years with her kids' birthday parties and throwing my girlfriends gorgeous showers for their weddings and babies.  Witness HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE. 
But, this one might be her crowning achievement!
Her youngest son, Colin, turned one last week and she put together the most stunning hand-crafted Woodland Bunny 1st birthday party for him! 
Everything at this party was made by Meredith. No vendors at all. 
Yeah, she's got three boys. I always tease her that she must tie them up at night! LOL. 

The man of the hour!  Could you not just squeeze him?
Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy.
Meredith made this moss number one for the entrance to the party. 
The gorgeous cake on a wooden pedestal. 
Stunning Dessert table. 
I love the idea of a head table for a birthday party. I've done tons of them at weddings, but I've never seen one at a birthday. So creative! Also love the monogram C!
Handmade cake bunting for the smash cake. 
Love this touch on the beverage station! The menu listing and vintage serving pieces really send it over the top!
And, HELLO. Is this not gorgeous?? She texted me a picture of that branch chandelier the week of the party I almost died. How creative and unique! I also adore this backdrop. 
She scoured Goodwill and Habitat stores for these vintage cups and also used family heirlooms to give it that antique feel. 
Adorable centerpieces that bring in the woodland animals. 
Each guest got a hair-bow or a bow-tie that were all handmade by Meredith. I know, she makes you puke right? Me too. LOL. 
I love this display board. What a fun, gorgeous way to show off her hard work!
She also handmade all these birthday hats for the guests. Don't you love this color scheme? So fresh and modern. 

One of my favorite details is the use of the Reader's Digest Condensed Books. LOVE. After I saw that three tier galvanized display, I totally had to know where she got it, and I went right to Hobby Lobby to get my own. 
What a gorgeous family, right? Don't you love how they all color-coordinate? 
Can you believe that party was held in their church's rec center?
Yeah, you certainly can't tell from the pictures!
To see more, and here the details from Meredith, you can visit her post about the party here
Also, huge shout-out to Meredith's BFF and my dear friend Kari, of Wright Image Photography, for the GORGEOUS photography!
Are you guys jealous that Meredith is one of the friends hosting my baby shower at the end of the month? 


  1. I am absolutely in love with this party (and that little boy - OMG cutie pie!!!) Seriously this is just heaven, it is so gorgeous and totally unique. I need more friends like yours!!

  2. And she has 3 boys?! This is incredible, considering the amount of detail in this darling party. Just love that branch chandelier with the hanging vintage cups. So creative!

  3. I'm still dieing over that branch chandelier! This party so so unique and she thought of every single little detail. LOVE it all. I'm going to have to go back and look through the pics again!


  4. I love this party and digging that color scheme! I just had to pin the drink station.



  5. LOVE it!! Completely gorgeous!!! I cannot wait to see the shower she throws you! ;)

  6. WOW!!! This is GORGEOUS! The love that went into this party is so apparent...blown away...and what a little cutie patootie!


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