Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Currently Obsessed with: Chevron

I am currently obsessed with Chevron pattern. 
I need chevron intervention.

1. My new stationery, by the awesome Posh Girl Boutique on Etsy.
 2. My fabuloso Cinco de Mayo themed baby shower cake from this past weekend! (More pics coming soon--I am ashamed to say that I took all of three pictures!)
 3. My super adorable new burp clothes that I do not want to be burped on from my wonderful Aunt, as a shower gift. 
#4. My living room curtains. Horrible picture quality, but you get the idea.

So, I was browsing on Etsy for some chevron party inspiration and came across some awesome items that I totally want.

 (this seller is totally right now the street from my house! I am pretty sure this is my curtain fabric!)
Cutest bridesmaid clutches ever ever ever.


  1. I'm in love with all things chevron too! Your living room is adorable ;)

  2. So, that's what that pattern is called... I love it too!

  3. Did you see the frame I listed last night? Psychic!! I'm in love with chevron too. Premier Fabric in Collierville has great chevron stripes. And I love those burpies...that remix stripe is fantastic. I literally just got yardage of it in the mail on Monday. We are oddly connected.

  4. Agreed...loving chevron to!



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