Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{My Parties} Memorial Day Shrimp Boil for Friends

What do you get when you combine a bunch of miscellaneous leftover party stuff and a husband who loves to do shrimp boils? A Memorial Day party!
This party decor cost me $0. 
I had all this stuff lying around my house. Does that make me a pack rat or just resourceful?
With a little help from the lovely Piggy Bank Parties, we had ourselves a party!

Since this was a shrimp boil, and if you've ever been to one of those, pretty much everything is just dumped onto the table and you pick out what you want, I didn't need to do a large table setting of any kind. So, I used my own furniture for a small appetizer and dessert display in our kitchen.

The gingham fabric is leftover from the Bun in the Oven Shower, the paper fans and striped fabric is leftover from the Ole Miss graduation party, and the Coke crate is leftover from the Hamburger party!
That coke crate has been one of the best things I have ever bought! It comes in handy all. the. time. 

The adorable printables are from the amazing Piggy Bank Parties! Aren't they cute?
Best part--100% free! Thanks Do! 
The cupcakes were Bomb Pop Cupcakes, and I am sure most of you saw that recipe floating around the blogs last week. But, if not, you can get it here.  They were delicious, except they turned your entire mouth blue. I think I might have gone overboard with the blue gel coloring. 

This dip was amazing! If I am ever in need of a new recipe for an event, I always visit TastyKitchen.com, Pioneer Woman's recipe site. It is full of great, new recipes!
Leftover mason jars from the Bun in the Oven shower. All I did was change the ribbon to this patriotic ribbon I had leftover from last year's Memorial Day party. 
Hubs doing ALL the work!
I used the red baskets that I had to serve hamburgers in at the Hamburger party, and lined them with gingham handkerchiefs that I had from the Bun in the Oven shower. It worked perfectly for serving pieces!
If anyone would like some of this, please come over and get the 3 Tupperware containers that I have left in my fridge. 
Happy Memorial Day!



  1. My kind of party..you did not have to spend any money : ) You having all that stuff around def makes you resourceful! Love the display in the kitchen..so cute!!

  2. You totally ROCK! Love it! And, I'm going with resourceful!


  3. Girl...you can throw down a party! I LoVe how you reused items and AdorE how you used this lil' piggy's printables! {break for a Happy Dance!}

  4. Amazing, as always!! You should have your husband post the shrimp boil recipe. I'm a southern girl and have no clue but I'd like to try it this summer! Will he share???

  5. Fabulous! I {heart} recycling, too! :)

  6. Doesn't get much better than that...good food and spending $0 on decor! Looks like a blast!!


  7. I love shrimp boils and this party is perfect for kicking off the summer season!


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