Saturday, May 14, 2011

{Real Parties} My OWN Cinco De Mayo Baby Shower-o!

A couple of weeks ago, my dearest girlfriends threw me a Cinco De Mayo themed baby shower for baby Lachlan. Since I am obviously currently obsessed with chevron, they took that as the design scheme. They called the party a "Hot Mama and her little Tamale" baby shower. They are too funny!
All my dearest girlfriends are the same ones I have had since high school. It's miraculous that we have managed to stay so close 14 years after high school, and we try to celebrate each special moment in each other's lives with parties!  Because I live in Memphis and they are in central Arkansas (my home state), every time we get together is extra special. 

The girls decided to do a make-your-own taco bar and it was YUM!
That chevron fabric is the same one that I have for my living room curtains.

What is up with my hair? It was humid that day.
 The cake was inspired by this Amy Atlas cake.   It turned out FABULOUS! It tasted amazing too! The bottom layer was chocolate with raspberry filling and the top layer was vanilla with lemon filling! My friend Lindsey was in charge of the cake and I would say that she definitely hit it out of the park with this one!
 Some detail shots!  Foxy Frijoles--love it! My friends Kari and Jill took care of the food and it was yummy! Who doesn't like Mexican?
 Miss Meredith (Woodland Bunny 1st birthday and Lilly Pulitzer baby shower) was in charge of styling the party and of course, she did an awesome job! I love the centerpiece of live florals!
 Loved her idea to serve the taco toppings out of terra cotta pots!
 Aren't these napkins adorable. I loved them!
I love the addition of lace--reminds me of a Spanish mantilla!
 First time I had seen his name printed! So sweet!
 Really, really wish I could have had some of this. Margaritas are always on my cravings list when I am pregnant. Cruel, cruel world. 

And a few of the guest pictures.
My smoking hot Mommy and me. I asked her why she was trying to look cuter than me that day. What the hell?
My cousin Paige, Aunt Lori, and Mommy. My sissy is missing from the picture since she is off leading the fashionable life in NYC.
Love and adore this onesie!
How great is this diaper bag that Lindsey got me? I'm in love.
My sissy got me these tiiiiiiiny Adidas Sambas for the baby. FYI-my husband played college soccer and eats, breathes, and lives for it.
My wonderful cousin Emily, Zoe, Ava Claire, and my Aunt Sherry. I don't get to see them nearly enough.
Miss Mere and me. Party girls unite!
And, finally, my bestest girls in the world Lindsey, Meredith, Kari, and Jill. I can't thank them enough for the wonderful shower! They are the most wonderful group of ladies that a girl could ask for as friends!

All pictures are by my sweet, dear friend Kari (2nd from the right). She also did my head shots for this website. Go and visit her at Wright Image Photography. She's amazing!

I love you girls!


  1. What a fabulous have some very talented family and friends!!
    and you do look like a Hot Mama :)

  2. You really are just the cutest girl ever! Loved the shower....the potted plant centerpieces were awesome! I craved margs when I was pregnant too. : )

  3. You are the cutest preggo girl ever! LOVE the baby shower, super cute and original theme..that is the most adorable onesie ever..and that diaper bag is hot!!

  4. What a great fiesta! And a taco bar sounds like HEAVEN to me. I could eat tacos everyday.... no joke! You are too cute all preggo!

  5. What a gorgeous Baby Shower and a gorgeous mom to be :-) xxxooo Margarita

  6. Totally dig chevron. The taco bar is ridic. Adore the cake. You are one seriously Hot Tamale:) Olé!

  7. So excited we could celebrate Lachlan's upcoming arrival with you! I can't wait to meet his sweet little face. Love you!! Jeff Holt!!

  8. SO adorable... love the theme, and his name!! And hellllloooo... soooo glad you got a taco bar ;) You know I love me some tacos!!!! Haha.

  9. what a fun baby shower! You are a beautiful momma to be!

  10. What a fun shower! I love the terra cotta pots! that is genius! and the chevron is perfect. Congrats! :)

  11. What a cute baby shower?! You were absolutely beautiful : )

  12. What a clever theme, they did an amazing job! And that color is GORGEOUS on you!

  13. Such a sweet baby shower! Fun, colorful details to go with the "hot mama" Mexican theme! You're so blessed to have such loving, talented family & friends. :-)

  14. LOVE this! You look gorgeous and the shower itself is stunning!!! (I have chewbaca hair so your hair looks absolutely fabulous to me!! If only I could have a hair day like that!)

  15. That is such a cute idea for a baby shower! I love the taco bar and all the stuff served out of terra cotta pots is awesome!


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