Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunny is Walkin' in Memphis!

We've had a visitor these past couple of weeks!
The infamous SUNNY the Party Chick made a landing in Memphis to visit us!

We were delighted to have her visit our nest! 
And, since we heard that Sunny and her mommy Natalie were big Elvis Fans, we thought she needed to visit Graceland at least once! 
Cross that one off her chicken bucket list!
Sunny couldn't get in that day to visit Elvis' Jungle Room, but I hear that there were some really raging parties thrown in there in his day!

So, she had to make do with paying her tributes to the King outside the gates. 

When she got back to our roost, she visited with Mr. GreyGrey himself, who was looking really serious. That giant animal is one of Grey's big sisters, Kaia. That's Kaia's couch. Kaia and her couch live in their own room in our house. That's where Kaia and her sister Keiko throw their own parties.  And since Sunny is such a wild animal, she had to visit Kaia's apartment. 
Kaia and Sunny got along great! 
Sunny also helped me organize my party closet! It may not look organized, but you should have seen it before. Sunny was a big help, lending me a wing when I needed it. 
After that, GreyGrey packed Sunny's suitcase and she was off to Florida!
Sunny is going to continue her tour of the South when she visits with Kori @ Paper and Pigtails!!
Can't WAIT to see what Sunny gets up to in "Sunny" Florida!


  1. gotta love Southern Hospitality. Thank you again to you and your LOVELY family:)

  2. LOL!! Too cute..looks like Sunny had a blast!

  3. It looks like Sunny had a great time!! I hope Sunny can handle the heat - it's hot as all get out here in FL :)

  4. I'm so jealous of Miss Cutlet... she get's to see all the good stuff!


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