Thursday, November 17, 2011

Children's Party Network: Party Girls Rock Memphis

I am SO incredibly behind on this posting! 
A few weekends ago, I had the distinct privilege of hosting some of my favorite party girls in my hometown of Memphis. 
The lovely Cineca of Dreamin N Details had asked me a few months back to co-host a Children's Party Network Girls' Night Out with her and Laura from Eye Candy Event Details. 
I immediately said yes because, hello, do you KNOW how awesome CPN is? Well, if you are not a member, then I have no idea why. 
Another reason I wanted to be part of this event is because of the massive love I have for CPN's founders, Natalie of Little Shindigs and The Knock Knock Factory, and Kristy of The Purple Pug. They have always been SO amazing to me, that I wanted to represent their amazing network in the best way I know how. 
And the opportunity to meet some of these girls' whose work I have admired was too good to pass up!
We had 19 fabulous ladies joining us for our Party Girls' Rock Memphis!

Our vision for the event was for it to be music themed. Since Memphis is the Home of the Blues, and famous for all the fabulous musicians that have come from or recorded here, it was the perfect choice. 
We picked Automatic Slim's in downtown Memphis for it's location and it's vibe. Plus, the food is awesome.
We had the entire upstairs portion of the restaurant, which has this amazing gold leaf wallpaper.
My contributions were decor and assembling swag bags for the event. I saw a mobile made out of records on Pinterest and I knew that is what I wanted to do for this event!
The centerpieces were made from cardboard boxes that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I affixed music scrapbook paper to them and then used glittered scrapbook paper for the tops. I put in a Stax label record (a Memphis institution) and a large wooden music note that I painted with glittered spray paint. Also, I tossed in a few multi-colored disco ball Christmas ornaments. 
The record place mats, programs, and lanyard name tags were Laura's contribution. They looked amazing and everyone loved that we could sign the place mats and take them home as souvenirs!
The mobiles were a fun, easy project that turned out to look so fab!
I picked up a bunch of old 45 records at the antique mall (seriously 10 for $5!) and used clear craft lacing (you can get it at the HL) to secure the records to a plant hanger that I got at Home Depot. 
Plant hangers are super inexpensive and all I did was turn this one upside down and take out the chains and reattach them to the bottom. Next time you need something to hang, use a plant hanger! The lines of this one are super modern and looked fab when the records were attached. But really, you could use anything you wanted to make a mobile!  
The swag bags were filled TO THE BRIM with awesome goodies and product samples! I can't thank our vendors enough (or Laura and Cineca for securing such great stuff!)
Cineca also brought some fun photo props like Elvis glasses!
I used the remaining 45s and some 78s (Elvis and Stax of course) to design a backdrop for the desserts. Luckily, Cineca brought some clear thumbtacks along!
We had such great goodies on the dessert table, including these GORGEOUS Elvis cookies from Dandy Delights!
Fabulous glittered microphone lollipops from Whimsical Boutique!
Guitar cookies from The Sweetest Thing!
And these incredible jukebox cake pops from A Twist of Cake! Seriously, the detail on these were crazy!
Cineca put together these gable boxes for our guests, to make sure all their yummies got home safely. 
An overview of our lovely room!
My co-hosts, Cineca and Laura. 
Everyone went around the room and introduced themselves, this is Aimee from Aimee Broussard Events

We were lucky enough to have the adorable Courtney Dial from Pizzazzerie come and hang out with us for the weekend. She gave everyone there some very useful advice on how she has built her brand so quickly and wonderfully. I know you know Miss Courtney. Because, if you don't, then get thyself to her blog immediately. 
She was such a pleasure, exactly how you think she would be. Totally cute and fun!

This is me and the fabulous Do from Piggy Bank Parties. I heart Do. She helped me SO much with my hamburger party, and I already have her lined up for another party in January. She is fabulous beyond words. And just brilliant. 
Some fabulous ladies here too! Eleanor from Pink Peppermint Paper, Jill from Peas and Thank Yous, and Cineca. Jill and Eleanor have insane paper talent. You might have seen some of their fabulous parties lately, such as Jill's Cowgirl Chic Party and Eleanor's Boy Meets World Sip and See. 
Some of my Memphis girls--Ashley and Kim, better known as the Hip Hostesses! I cannot believe it took us this long to meet, seeing as how Ashley's husband and my husband played soccer together in high school and we live in the same place! I am sure we will run into each other at Hobby Lobby soon!
The lovely Latasha from A Posh Party by Latasha getting her picture made with Courtney!
Latasha and I know each other from way back! When she was planning her wedding a few years ago, I was the catering manager at the country club. Unfortunately, I left that position before her wedding, so it was so good to see her and catch up. Check out her website! She literally has the cutest logo ever. 
A fun group pic that Amy got! 
I was so honored to help in this fabulous event! It went by way too fast!
It was wonderful to meet so many of the people who I admired and already "knew" via our blogs and webpages!
I hope we have another one super soon!!


  1. Adorable wrap-up of the evening, Brittany. I am WAY behind on my post also! Loved the pictures! Thanks for all of your help planning this amazing shindig! The mobiles & centerpieces were great! xoxo

  2. you Memphis girls look like a lot of fun! :)

  3. I love the idea of the plant hanger...will remember that one for sure!

  4. I loved your pictures and thanks for the sweet compliments. I'm really loving your new watermark. Looks very chic!

  5. Great post! Great pics! Great fun! So thrilled to have been a part of the night.


  6. Just saw this! Speechless. I ♥ you, too! Thanks for such sweet words...makes me miss you more than I already do! {BIG hogs and kisses!}

  7. What a rocking good time and I LOVE all the details of this party. I just joined Childrens Party Network and am so happy to be a part of such talented women. Seems like all you Party Diva's live down south or on the east coast. I'm in Oregon. Not many of us Party Diva's in the NW I don't think.

  8. I am getting married this June and I have been looking everywhere for some cheap vinyl records to have as placemats or hang like you have at this amazing themed party! Could you possibly help me in teeling me where i could find these old 45 vinyl records. Thank you so much! Tatiana

    1. I got those records at an Antique store, but I would definitely try Goodwill or any kind of secondhand shop! :)


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