Monday, February 28, 2011

{Real Parties} Little Mermaid Party

I adore when I come across a party thrown by a mommy that is filled with obvious LOVE and attention to detail. When I saw this party on Creative Party Place, I was immediately in love . Stephe put together this absolutely gorgeous party for her daughter, Giorgia, for her third birthday.
 The details are absolutely astounding!

Stephe designed these invitations on Photoshop. How precious!
At the entrance, she put together a "seaweed" banister with a sign-in book for the guests. I always think it is important to set the scene for your guests right as they walk in, and Stephe has definitely accomplished that!
Each little one got a "mermaid wand."
And this is my favorite part!  Look at that backdrop! Stephe ordered a scene setter from an office supply store and then she blew up the photoshopped picture of Giorgia and placed it in front of the backdrop. Could you die? It's so pretty that you want to jump in!
Great attention to detail with the rice krispie sushi!
But, my favorite part is the cupcake topper!  How ADORABLE!  She handmade those!
And look at the adorable sweets--clam cookies, chocolate starfish, brownie pops, pretzel coral, shell lollipops, and mermaid sushi!
And of course, to drink....sea water!
Love how she rimmed the glasses with blue sugar--those little thoughts can really elevate a party to the next level!
Among the many favors were bubbles and custom wrapped candy bars!
And look at this sweet birthday girl!
Visit Stephe's blog for more precious details!
Thanks for letting me share!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unconventional Shopping: Part Two

I love to shop in unconvential places for parties!
I think you come up with the best decor and ideas when you are out of Party City, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby.
Though, Hobby Lobby, you are my best friend. Don't ever leave me.

For instance, for my son's upcoming Hamburger and French Fries themed party, I knew that there was one place I HAD to go!  Lit Restaurant Supply in downtown Memphis. I knew about this jewel because I had been many times for my prior career, which mostly involved catering. We had a blast in there, looking for restaurant style accessories for the party!
This is a great resource (and I would put money on there being a restaurant supply store in your town, or any major town near you) for bulk supplies like these plastic baskets. They were all of fifty-six cents a piece!
All this fun stuff for under $70!  There is even a super nice glass straw dispenser in this picture, though it is hard to see.
 Another place that I love are antique malls. We just happen to live all of 5 minutes from one of the best antique malls in the world--Sheffield Antiques. The place is literally the size of a WalMart. I actually think it used to be one. They have hundreds of booths from collectors of all kinds and I knew that I could find a vintage Coca-Cola crate in there. And yup, $16 later and this baby was MINE!
Can't wait to show you what else I'm working on for the burger party!
It's coming up soon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

{My Parties} Brett's Jungle Safari 1st Birthday Party!

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This morning, I designed a sweet little Jungle Safari 1st birthday party for Mr. Brett. Brett is the cousin of Grant (Jungle Book Birthday), but we went an entirely different direction with this party. The palette was much softer and baby-like with light blues, animal prints, raffia, baskets, and touches of green, yellow, and orange. 
 You may remember my inspiration board for this event, here.

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The inspiration for this party started with some ideas that party-mommy Jennifer sent me from Etsy. She loved the idea of a pastel jungle safari, so we we went with that!
I found this absolutely precious light blue leopard print fabric on the backdrop at Hobby Lobby and that was really my jumping off point for the entire concept. The little grass mats are also from Hobby Lobby--get there now--they are out for Easter!

Pin It  Because I am a total freak for the details, I try to make every little piece of the puzzle special. So, for the forks and napkins, I wrapped them in leopard print crepe paper and tied them with raffia. This blue "tablecloth" is actually a curtain from Target.
 On the menu, I suggested lots of "jungle" foods, like Little Debbie Zebra cakes. To up the cute-factor, we served them on skewers.
 My husband is a banana pudding junkie, and he actually made some mini banana puddings for family that we had in for Christmas. So, I took his idea and ran with it. I wrapped the handles of the spoons in the same crepe paper as the other utensils to tie them in with the theme, and also to give them a little extra cute detail!
I found these great crates at Hobby Lobby and I think they will be really useful for a variety of different events, but they reminded me of shipping crate that you might find a jungle animal in, so I flipped them over, and used cute animal print scrapbook paper to make them more "jungle."
 Gorilla Grape skewers were another fun, healthy item that we served with these cute little baskets. I originally did these for my Very Hungry Caterpillar party and I've gotten such a kick out of seeing all the other parties that have used that same concept for their caterpillar parties!
 I designed all the paper goods for this party, using some magic and a super cute font called "Jungle Juice."
 This is a GREAT recipe for kids' parties. It is called "Baboon Butter" and it's peanut butter, chocolate chips, and bananas, served with graham cracker sticks. I know plenty of adults who would love this recipe too!
 Hungry Hippo Dip was hummus with fresh veggies. Those cute banana leaf plates are from Hobby Lobby.
 I custom-made this cupcake stand using cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbon. The little wooden animals are from Hobby Lobby as well.  (They seriously know my name in there).
I used a cupcake wrap template that I downloaded and then cut my own wraps from wrapping paper.
 These fondant toppers knocked my socks off! Party-Mommy got them from Etsy Seller--CookieCovers. Even her packaging was impressive. Each topper was wrapped individually!
 I just think they are PRECIOUS!
 To add some extra "umph" to the backdrop, I made my own pomanders, using a styrofoam balls and some crepe paper.
 The beverage station had Jungle Juice, and also the cute little favors.
 The jungle juice was gingerale and pineapple juice--perfect for this theme!

 I got the idea for these favors here. I thought she has such a clever idea! They are filled with animal crackers. I found these cute, tiny little animals at Target.

 Brett's smash cake was from Schnucks, along with the cupcakes.
 I also handmade this birthday hat for him, using felt and pompoms.
 What a sweet family!  Huge thanks to Jennifer and Lloyd for letting me help with such a special day!
 Happy very 1st Birthday Brett! I hope you had an awesome time!
 Isn't he just so squeezable?!?!?


Fondant Cupcake Toppers: Etsy Seller, Cookie Covers
Fabric, Leaf Plates, Crepe Paper, Baskets, Crates, and Grass Squares: Hobby Lobby
Pastel Safari plates, napkins, and animal garland: MeriMeri
Clear Favor Boxes: BeauCoup
Small Stuffed Animals: Target
All Paper Goods and Printed Items, and Custom Birthday Hat: Handmade

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Real Parties}: Snow White 3rd Birthday

I have to brag on my sweet sister-in-law Tara and the absolutely precious Snow White party that she threw for my niece, Ella, this past weekend. You may remember another party that Tara did for her younger daughter, Kate, here.
Ella is currently obsessed with everything Snow White and so Tara definitely had to do a party in that theme!
Tara included some of the cutest details in this party, that I just had to share!
 Snow White dress cookie favors.
 My absolute favorite part, the "GEMS" that the dwarves mine, also known as ring pops in brown sugar! SO CLEVER!
 Snow White's UNpoisoned apple cupcakes. Love the little frame menu cards!
 Tara's sister made this cupcake stand for the party! Well done!
 Ella's very special Snow White slippers with the gems!
 And, could you die over this? Dresses and crowns for all the girls!
 Ella's party was held at her ballet studio, so Tara took full advantage of the mirrors to see who was the fairest of them all!
 But, the fairest was Ella of course! This picture kills me. She is such a funny, smart, and gorgeous child!
And I'm not biased.
 Even Mommy got in on the costume action!
Happy Birthday Ella Bella!  I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!
We love you!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sneak Peek: Hot Pink Glamorous Casino!

It was a very glamorous night, thanks to Dough a Deer and Anders Ruff!

More to come soon!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank you Martha!

I got a totally unexpected e-mail this afternoon from Michelle Toglia, Assistant Editor at saying that I had won the grand prize in their recent Birthday Party Decorations contest!
I won for my Jungle Book party!

Any my very awesome prize is this Martha Stewart edition Cricut Cake! Weeee!
And I get a cartridge with it! I'm stoked!

Thank you Martha!
Watch out fondant, I'm coming for you!