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{My Parties} Emma Kate's Ocean 1st Birthday

This weekend, I had the pleasure of doing an old friend's sweet little girl's very 1st birthday party. I was so excited to get to do a little girl's party! It seems like I always do boy parties, which I love, but it's a nice change of pace to do a pretty girl's party!
Party Mommy Kristin wanted an Ocean themed party for little Emma Kate. I loved this idea, especially since it is the middle of January! How fun to escape from gloomy January to the warm ocean!
I worked with the supercalifragilisticexpialodocious Piggy Bank Parties to create the printables for this party, starting off with the gorgeous invitation. 
Do and J really "got" my vision for the party and created the most ethereal and stunningly beautiful graphics for this line (which will be available in their shop!).

 I wanted to focus on a general ocean feel without mermaids or anything like that. Just the simple beauty of the ocean, the fish, and the coral. So, it was only natural that the color scheme was sand, aqua, and coral.
My inspiration for the table was for the backdrop to be the ocean, and for the table to be the beach, like in the foreground of a picture. 
I achieved the look of the background by pinning yards of crepe fabric (not like crepe paper) onto points. Then, on the lower level, I used a blue glittered mesh that would typically be used for formal dresses. This gave it a nice glittery, girly feeling. 
The seashell letters are made from wooden letters at Michael's with real shells glued onto them. I used Gorilla Glue to make sure that really adhered.
The "Bubbles" are clearance Christnas ornaments. I took the silver tops off them and left the wire toggle inside and threaded them with clear craft lacing to give them the illusion of floating. 
Kristin wanted to do cupcakes for the guests, but of course Emma Kate had to have a smash cake. Kristin actually made this cake and the cupcakes! She's pretty great with a pastry bag! I love this touch because it shows the love that she put into the party. 
The fabulous fondant topper for the cake and the cupcakes were by the brilliant Lynlee's Petite Cakes. I have wanted to work with Lynlee forever and she really knocked it out of the park for me. I told her that I wanted some kind of "plaque" sticking out of the top of the smash cake and she came up with this adorable design! How much do you love that she used starfish as the A??
Look at how gorgeous these toppers are!! 
I cannot get over it. They were my very favorite part of the party! 
I cannot say enough nice words about Lynlee. She is amazing in more ways than one!
For display, I used hat boxes from Hobby Lobby. I spray painted the aqua color to match the theme and the bottoms of the smaller ones are covered with "sand" scrapbook paper. I used seashell necklaces to embellish them a little more. 

And, you know you want to see more of those cupcake toppers. 

Another sweet that we did was the white chocolate lollipops. I called them "Lowtide Lollipops." These were done for me by Suckers by Steph. You can find her on Etsy. I love these and they would make great favors as well!

Don't you love those printables with that beautiful goldfish? 
One of my all-time favorite vendors to use is Whimsy Cookie Co. Laurie is here in Memphis and she always makes me the most beautiful, perfect cookies! And, they taste great!
The lollis and the sugar cookies are both held up with styrofoam covered in "sand" scrapbook paper. Then, I covered that with some edible sand using brown and white sugar mixed together!

For the savory food, we did a few dips and small bites. This was the "Crabby Dip"...
...we also had "Clamwiches."
...and "Seaweed Spinach Dip."
...and Conch Shell Pizza Cups
I always like to try to give the flatware a little zhuzhing, so I wrapped the napkins around the forks and secured them with some glittery pipe cleaners for fun. 
I used 9 yards of muslin for my tablecloth. It has just the right color for sand and it's really inexpensive! I scattered shells around the table, along with some sea cucumbers to make it looked like these things washed up on the beach. 
Emma Kate's high chair was so fun to make into a seashell! I cut this form out of foam and them folded and pinned this coral fabric to it. Then, I covered the rest of the chair in some leftover cream fabric that I had. The beautiful banner by Piggy Bank Parties made a great backdrop for pictures. 
I had to show you some close-ups of this banner. The detail is so gorgeous. The most stunning part was that the ocean floor was continuous on it.  Every piece had a different seascape. So, if you put all the pieces in a big row, it looked like one continuous ocean seascape. Beautiful!
The pictures do not do it justice. 

EK didn't really like her birthday hat, but I wanted to show you a picture of it. I made this with some felt, some sticky foam, and some pompoms. These are so easy, anyone can make them!
The birthday girl! So is so precious!

For the beverage and favor area, I did a garland of pictures of EK from each month. In between each picture is one of the small party printables from the collection. 
The favors were bubbles! I wanted to "ocean" up this frame, so I painted it aqua and them glued seashells all over it. 
The bubble containers were small jars from Michael's that I glued shells onto. Each one was wrapped in ribbon and had a homemade wand with it. I got this idea from the fabulous Gwynn Wasson, you can see her version here. 

So thanks for joining me on our Ocean Fanta-sea!
Happy very 1st birthday Emma Kate!
Huge Thank yous to Kristin and Tyler for letting me help with this party, and also for the fabulous pictures!
And major, major thanks to my sweet vendors!


Cupcake Toppers and Cake Topper: Lynlee's Petite Cakes
Printables: Piggy Bank Parties
Lollipops: Suckers By Steph
Cupcakes and Cake: Birthday Girl's Mommy
All Styling and concept, birthday hat : GreyGrey Designs

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