Monday, April 23, 2012

{My Parties} Parents to BEE Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago, I styled a small dessert table for my friend Wendy. You may remember Wendy from several of my other events, including both Casino parties, Mario, and Tailg8. I think she loves parties as much as I do!
She called me the weekend before this party and needed some last minute help styling a dessert table for a couple's baby shower. She really wanted to do a "Parents to Bee" theme. 
I actually already had a lot of bee themed items in my party closet, leftover from my "What's It Gonna Bee?" Gender Reveal Party, so I really didn't need to buy that much stuff.
I love how the painting over the fireplace matches the party, don't you?
The first thing I did was email Lindi at Love the Day. She was so gracious to modify her Bee themed  collection to fit this theme. I adore her printables. They are chic and modern and I love that!
For the sweets, we kept it simple by using mixing some store-bought candies with cupcakes, cake, and custom cookies. 
These adorable bee and flower cake pops were done by Mom's Killer Cakes. Aren't they too cute?
I used Love the Day's party circles on the ribbon to give it some extra cute. Printable party circles don't need to be just used as cupcake toppers--there are so many fun ways to put them to use! 
The beautiful cake was done by a local cake artist, Karen's Cakes and Cookies. 
These double oreos are always a perfect addition to a yellow and black party theme. I used one of Love the Day's cute printable party circles to give the vase a little something extra. 
The cookies were also done by Karen's Cakes and Cookies. 

This little lantern was from Hobby Lobby and it was the perfect thing to add in to the table. Doesn't it remind you of a beehive? 
The chocolate bee lollipops were made by Autumn Lynn's Sins. You may remember her work from the Spring Chicken party shoot. 
Here is a great tip to fill up glassware or containers that are too large. I used bag shred and then put a piece of styrofoam covered in paper (this being the printable paper from Love the Day) on top to hold the lollipops. Otherwise the lollipops would be too far down in the glass cube. 
Isn't this banner adorable? 

I didn't realize until I saw these pictures that one of my cupcakes is missing a wrapper! Ha! Party Fail. 

In the garage, we set up for the savory food, which happened to be fajitas! Yum, right? 
I left before the caterer got there, but I wanted to show you a cute way to dress up inexpensive Chinese lanterns. I simply painted black stripes around them to give a nod to the theme! 
You could also use ribbon or crepe paper to achieve the same look!


Printables: Love the Day
Bee Suckers: Autumn Lynn's Sins
Fondant Bee Toppers: Burgundy Cakes
Diaper Cake: My Little Angel Co.
Cake and Cookies: Karen's Cakes and Cookies
Styling and Photography: GreyGrey Designs


  1. Darling Brittany! I love the idea of the shredded paper under the lollipops! So clever! What a great tip!

  2. Adorable setup. No one would have noticed the missing wrapper!

  3. That party makes me want to sit down and eat some cup cakes. I enjoyed those colorful treats and candies! So adorable and by they way, thanks for the printables stuff. Awesome!!

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