Monday, April 16, 2012

{My Parties} Sugar Daddy Father's Day Party Styled Shoot

I always think that Father's Day is a particularly hard holiday to celebrate when it comes to originality, don't you? I get so tired of seeing Father's Day cards about golf, beer, mowing the yard, naked ladies, and farts. 
So, when I picked Father's Day for my theme for the Spring and Summer issue of Tots to Teens Magazine, I knew I wanted to step outside the normal father's day ideas. 
Big thanks to Natalie at Southern Belle's Charm for letting me help with this issue!

So, I started brainstorming and with the help of my absolutely brilliant brother-in-law (who is without a doubt the most linguistically creative person I have ever met. He literally gave me 10 or more theme ideas!), I decided on the "Sugar Daddy" theme.
Now, obviously this could be suggestive (try googling Sugar Daddy!), but if you keep it absolutely literal in your interpretation, it is super sweet and an adorable theme that dads of any age would love!
 I knew I wanted to use that iconic Sugar Daddy packaging as a jumping off point, so I contacted my dear friends Do and J at Piggy Bank Parties and asked them if they could help me with some printables. 
And, as usual, they exceeded my expectations. I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about them. They are the sweetest, most accommodating, most talented people ever. 

Since sugar daddies are caramel candies, I knew that I wanted to do a caramel cake. And most major grocery stores offer caramel cakes in their bakeries every day. I dressed this one up using unwrapped sugar daddies. Then, I stuck some wrapped ones out the top. 

To display the cake, I used a dollar store yellow bucket turned upside down and a red place mat.
For the drinks, I used Target brand frappucinos and wrapped them with Piggy Bank Parties's adorable drink wraps. Then, I wrapped the necks in red yarn and stuck a bamboo skewer through them. On the skewers there were red heart-shaped gumdrops, also from the dollar store. The red heart gumdrops pick up on the hearts in the printable banner. 

To make the starbursts, I used a simple cardboard cake round that you can get at any craft store. I spray-painted them yellow and then glued the suckers on using hot glue. Then, I made a simple paper rosette for the middle and finished it off with a yellow heart, 
You could achieve this look with any candy bar or sucker!

Dads of any age would appreciate this theme because Sugar Daddies are iconic candies that have been around since 1925!
Hope this gives you a new theme for your Father's Day celebration in 2012!

Printables: Piggy Bank Parties
Styling and Photography: GreyGrey Designs


  1. The feelings are mutual! We adore working with you and always look forward to seeing how you'll take our lil' printables to the next level! ♥

  2. so cute! love the starbursts and the printables! great job, ladies!!

  3. So cute! That cake looks really scumptious! : ) Good job!

  4. Love! You have the best ideas!

  5. Adorable!!


  6. This is so cute! I love the starbursts, and I totally want a piece of that cake! YUM!


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