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{My Parties} Woodland Forest Baby Shower

I love taking a popular theme and putting my own spin on it!
This Woodland Forest baby shower came about because of the baby's name. I always ask my clients if the baby has a name yet, because I love working it into the decor and the theme. 
When my client, Deanna, mentioned that the baby's name was going to be "Silas," I immediately looked up the meaning of that name, since it is a unique. What I found was that the name Silas means "from the forest." And, a theme was born!
Deanna also told me that the mommy-to-be loves brown and blue. So, I took those two concepts and ran with them. 

I started out by getting by working with a new vendor, Jennafer at Oh Creative One! Jennafer emailed me a while back interested in a collaboration, and once I saw how cute her designs were, I jumped at the chance to work with her for this shower. She actually already had a version of this invitation in her shop and she was so awesome to customize it for me!
She also did some adorable party printables for me, which you will see later in the post!

I knew I wanted to incorporate the Faux Bois pattern in the backdrop, so I found this light colored faux bois  fabric on Etsy. I saw this look on a baby shower that Honeycomb Events did and I loved it!
The next piece that I knew I wanted to incorporate were God's Eyes. Did you ever make these as a kid? 
 I scoured my backyard for sticks and even recruited my husband to help with stick retrieval!
They are the world's easiest thing to make, and you can use any color to make them pop!
You can find a tutorial here

 I saw these cool moss trees on Save On Crafts, but I just knew that I could make them, so I did. 
A few pieces of foamcore, an Xacto knife, some hot glue, some dowels, and some moss later, I had made exact replicas!
(These would also be great for Christmas!)
The lovely Janet at Sweet Temptations did these amazing Faux Bois oreos for me. I was pretty much dying over them. They looked amazing with the backdrop!

Aren't they beautiful? And delicious, I might add!
Of course we had to incorporate Smores into the dessert display, so I found these Jumbo marshmallows at Target and the rest is super easy--just dip them in melting chocolate and then top them with graham cracker crumbs. 
I made those dessert stands using basswood plaques, which you can get at any craft store, and glued them to raw wooden candlesticks from Michael's. I also got those adorable wooden signs there too!

Deanna definitely wanted cake pops for the guests, so I knew just who to call--Mom's Killer Cakes!
She made the pops look EXACTLY like the adorable characters on the invitation. I mean, scroll back up and look at the invitation again! Amazing!

I also added a cute little resin squirrel from Hobby Lobby and a glittered toadstool to the table for extra fun. 
For the favors, Jennafer designed an adorable treat bag topper to coordinate with the invitations. 
Inside we did Smore kits!

I found this great bark basket at the antique mall near my house.

For the guest book and sign-in, Deanna wanted to do something special for baby Silas. So, picking up on a recent wedding trend of fingerprint guestbooks, I drew this tree onto a canvas and bought two different color green inks to have the guests sign Baby Silas' "Family Tree."

Jennafer also did some adorable banners for me, welcoming Baby Silas into the world. 

I printed an extra copy of the "baby" banner and glued them to dowels and used small wooden disks to hold them up on the savory buffet. 
I think I made 20 of the God's Eyes total, so I used the extras to hang from the chandelier. I always like to draw the eye up with hanging decor. 
In order to bring the theme into the savory food, I proposed doing menu items that were influenced by the forest. So, we started out with "Tortellini Twigs." These are a super easy item that any hostess could make. You simply buy refrigerated tortellinis (or ravioli) and cook them off. You serve them room temperature with a dipping sauce. You can even marinate them in dressing too!
To display them, I simply wrapped some styrofoam in some faux bois scrapbook paper. 
To dip, we used Pesto sauce, or "Moss Dip!"
Cheese balls are something that most guests love, so we used an old standby of the Pine Cone Cheese Ball. Didn't Deanna do a gorgeous job on these? 
And what is a woodland party without edible toadstools, right? 
Broccoli is an obvious choice when you are talking about trees, so we used them in the form of broccoli salad. 

I had my husband cut some large pieces off a cedar tree in our yard that coincidentally needed to be cut down. They added some interest to the savory buffet. 

And easy way to dress up a simple galvanized tub is by wrapping it in ribbon--in this case, burlap ribbon. 

Thanks to Andy and Deanna for trusting me to design this shower for their friends!
They were actually the honorees at my Diamonds and Damask engagement party a couple of years ago!


Cake Pops: Mom's Killer Cakes
Printables: Oh Creative One
Faux Bois Fabric: The Spin Cycle

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  1. What an amazing party! I love those oreos! Megan

  2. Another gorgeous party! LoVe the savory foods...you're brilliant!

  3. so cute! all of it...it's everything i love! love your cake stands, the moss trees, the god's eyes, the oreos, the printables, the food! did i miss anything, lol?

  4. Amazing how you worked in all the darling woodland details!

  5. I'm planning my son's Silas' forest-themed first birthday party and found this post! We have many of the same ideas, and I got some excellent new ones from you. You did a great job! Thanks for posting this!

    1. That is such a funny coincidence Zoe! Good luck with the party!!

  6. I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE... all your cute ideas. The simple trees are my favorite! Please come over to Cast Party Wednesday and share all your fun party ideas with us. Thanks, I hope to see you there!
    ---Sheryl @ Lady Behind The Curtain---

  7. OMG!!! Such a delicious party, Brittany!! LOVE the attention to detail and fun food!!! Making my mouth water them pine cone cheese balls! Loving also that you also have a savory buffet!

    Thanks for linking up to Bird's Party Linky!
    You are one of our featured favorites! :)



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