Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I think this week is of the utmost importance. My grandmother was a teacher for over 30 years and when she passed away, we received so many touching messages from her former students. They told us stories about her, let us know how she influenced their lives, and most of all just reminded us how special she was to people. 

My Greyson attends a special needs Pre-K class and his teacher and her aides are amazing! They adore Greyson and we are so lucky to have them.  I would never want their jobs! Nine four year olds in a room all day makes me insane just thinking about it. 
So, for every holiday and for Teacher's Appreciation Day I always try to get them a little something to remind them that we appreciate their hard work and dedication to their jobs. 

Monday was "Bring your teacher a flower" day at Grey's school. I knew I didn't just want to go to the grocery store and get some cut flowers (you should have seen the wasteland that was the WalMart flower section on Sunday!), so I went to Lowe's and got these potted orchids. A large one for his teacher and two smaller ones for their aides. 

I wanted to make a cute saying to attach to them, and I was trying to rhyme "orchid" with "kid" so I called my sister in NYC. My brother in law is a brilliant writer. He is probably the most creative person I know. I told him my idea and they literally called me back within an hour with this adorable little poem for the tags:

While there arent thanks enough
For your patience and care
And theres no gift on Earth
That could ever compare

With the gift that you give us
Treating our kid like your kid
We still hope youll accept
Both our thanks and this orchid.

I put the poem on this little tag that I made in photoshop and printed them on photo paper. 

For the actual Teacher Appreciation Day on Thursday, I put together these picnic baskets for them. Inside are melamine plates and glasses from Target. Each teacher got a different pattern. You have probably seen these brightly colored plates and cups at Target. 

Each one is filled with 4 cups, 4 plates, and the teacher's bigger one has a pitcher to match. 
The tag says "Thanks for making this year a picnic!"

I made these tags in photoshop, but you could make any kind of cute tag and use any kind of plates and cups!
The possibilities are endless!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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