Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cookie Caster!

When I am planning a theme party, a lot of times I use cookie cutters to not only cut cookies, but sandwiches and other items too!
So what do you do when you can't find the right cookie cutter for your theme? 
Well, that is where Cookie Caster comes in!

Cookie Caster is a new service that lets you design your own cookie cutter!
You can use their awesome new technology to DRAW your shape! And even better, if you are not an artist, you can upload an image and trace around it to get your shape!
The people at Cookie Caster were awesome enough to send me this whale cookie cutter for Aiden's  Green Whale Party. And it was the perfect shape!

We used it to cut sandwiches into cute whale shapes!

If you go to www.cookiecaster.com/greygreydesigns, the nice people at Cookie Caster are offering my readers a discount on creating their own cookie cutters!
So, check them out today!


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