Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{My Parties} Emma Kate's Daisy Duck Party

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 It's the first party of 2013!
When Emma Kate's mommy contacted me a few months back about doing her 2nd birthday, she told me that EK loved Daisy Duck and she was hoping she would still love Daisy by the time her birthday came around. Well, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! 
Miss EK was thrilled with her Daisy Duck party and kept saying "Day-dy duck!" So precious!
EK's mommy and I have known each other since college, when we were just lowly waiters at a neighborhood restaurant. 
You may remember her first birthday last year, which was an Ocean theme. 

And I love that EK loves Daisy! Daisy is so much more fabulous than Minnie, right? 
And purple? Hello? My favorite color! 
And, if you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I love a unique theme. And since there are hardly any Daisy Duck themed party supplies out there, I had to stretch myself, which I love! 

 So, here we go! 
My first step was finding this Daisy Duck wall decal on Amazon. I simply applied it directly to a large piece of foam core and then cut it out with an xacto knife. It is a super affordable way to have a big impact on your backdrop. 
I decided to really focus on Daisy herself, but also purple daisy flowers to bring in a really girly touch. 

I found this adorable pink and purple daisy in the spring section of Hobby Lobby. I simply spray painted the wooden letters and attached them with some floral wire. 

Who else but Piggy Bank Parties would I enlist for the printables? They were kind enough to modify their polka dot collection for me by adding super cute little pink bows to it!

For the cake pops, I knew I wanted to make a stand that really looked like a birthday cake. So, I crafted this large tiered stand out of styrofoam disks and hat boxes. I added embellishments with tulle trim, feather trim, and different colored ribbon. For the topper, I simply painted a chipboard #2 and then added adhesive rhinestones from the scrapbook department. 
For the cake pops, what else but little Daisy Ducks? 
The fabulously talented Autumn Lynn's Sins did these adorable pops for me!

 The beautiful chocolate covered oreos with fondant toppers were done by Maria at Love and Sugar Kisses. 
I mean, could you die? 
 They were little works of art!  

 Maria is a dream to work with and these cookies were just perfection. 

 Suckers by Steph, as always, made me some beautiful chocolate suckers. She is one of my favorite edible vendors to work with and these were just beautiful!
I found these little hinged flower boxes at Michael's and painted them with some Martha Stewart glitter paint to make them extra cute!

I wanted to have "duck" themed food for the party, so for the menu we had "Duckbills and Dip," "Cheese and Quackers" cut with a high heeled cookie cutter, Goodie Goodie Bites (Daisy's Catch Phrase) which were chicken minis from Chic Fil A, and then Purple Bow Pasta Salad. 
 Did you know you could dye pasta? It's really easy! All you do is cook the pasta to al dente, then add gel color to it. You can get gel color at any craft store in the cake section and they make tons of colors!

Miss EK making a funny face for the camera!

 For the favors, I wanted a super cute and very "Daisy" favor box, so I emailed Do at Piggy Bank Parties to see if she could do a high heel favor box with a rounded toe. After some very hard work on her part, she totally delivered these COMPLETELY adorable high heels!

 They were the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!
And the awesome news for you is that she can do them in any color! These would be the perfect favor box for SO many girly party themes!

To display them, I glued some scrapbook paper to a small shoe box that I had lying around my house from Christmas. Then I used the tulle trim for a little extra cutenesss. 

The daisy chains are from Hobby Lobby and I found them in the wedding section. They were the perfect garland for the table!

Thanks for checking out EK's Daisy Duck Party!


Printables and Favor Boxes: Piggy Bank Parties
Chocolate Covered Oreos with Fondant: Love and Sugar Kisses
Daisy Cut Out: Amazon
Styling and Concept: GreyGrey Designs


  1. Love this Brittany!!! Amaze-balls as usual! ;) The cake pops and the display are just so freakin' cute.

  2. You're a-DAIS-ing! Every detail is perfection and I'm so proud of your shoe assembly skills. Such an adorable party and so grateful we were able to be a small part of Emma Kate's special day! ♥

  3. Such an awesome party!!! The Daisy theme is so fresh and different and you knocked it out of the park!! So many great DIY ideas here...LOVE that cake pop stand! So thrilled to work with you!!! And the birthday girl is adorable!!!

  4. LOVE! Every detail is amazing - um, duckbills + dip? So freaking clever. And those daisy cake pops are out of this world!

  5. So stinkin' adorable! You know I just adore your creativity and the food names did not fail! Love it ALL!!! ♥

  6. Love every detail as ALWAYS!! You never disappoint Ms. Britt!

  7. awesome, as always!
    You are one of my favorites.
    I love that you always nail it with the food names as well...every little detail!

  8. Adore this party!! Would love to feature you :) send me pics- :)

  9. LOVED it all I would love to know about what you would charge for a party like this for 8 kids ??

    1. Email me at for more info.


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