Monday, March 4, 2013

{My Parties} Addie Claire's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2nd Birthday

2013 has been the year of the Disney party for me so far!
I started out with a Daisy Duck, then a Cars 2, and now a Mickey Mouse clubhouse! I have never done any of these themes before, so I loved being able to stretch myself creatively with licensed characters. 
This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party was for a very special little 2 year old named Addie Claire. Addie Claire loves Mickey Mouse and I wanted her to love her party. 
So, I started out with a very basic Mickey Mouse color scheme of red, black, and yellow. 
But, I wanted to make it girly too!

The concept for the party started with these gorgeous laser cut frames from Michael's. They were raw wood and I spray painted them to match the color scheme. Then, I fashioned a Mickey Mouse out of small wooden disks. Adding Addie Claire's initials to the backdrop was the perfect way to fill in the other two frames. 

The graphic black and white fabric is a Premier Print. I love using their stuff because it is highly colorful and also very cost-effective at under $10 per yard. 

Addie Claire's grandmother sent along a picture of some cupcakes that she loved, with an amazing cake for the top. So, I contacted my favorite cake artist, Melanie at Mad Lily and she absolutely killed i t. 

There were fondant toppers of each character in the clubhouse!

As soon as I found out that I was doing this theme, I knew that I HAD to use the fabulous printables by Amanda's Parties to Go. 
 She has the most amazing collection of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse printables!  And I mean this is a HUGE collection!

I built the cupcake stand using hat boxes from Hobby Lobby with acrylic containers that I found at Michaels.  The star boxes were left over from a Mario party that I did a few years ago. I simply attached some of Amanda's printables to the front! 

By some amazing coincidence, when I was planning this party, I saw an instragram picture that Janet from Sweet Tempations posted of some Mickey Mouse oreos that she did. So, of course, I had to have them! They were absolutely perfect!

I also wanted to bring in a cute snack that coincided with the Mickey Mouse silhouette. Everyone has seen the half-dipped red chocolate oreos, but I decided to make Mickey Moon Pies! I found miniature moon pies at Kroger and added chocolate candy melts and sticks! A little washi tape on the stick, and they were adorable! And if you don't like moon pies, well, something is wrong with you. 

Using the ubiquitous styrofoam Mickey heads, I fashioned a holder for the fruit skewers! I actually found this half-round styrofoam piece at Hobby Lobby and I was so excited!

Addie Claire's grandmother made the centerpieces and I added a last minute addition of Amanda's printables.
Since Addie Claire's family owns this restaurant, they had their own  party room with a buffet of yummy snacks. I dressed up the area with printables and a cute tulle pom pom garland.

The favors were cute chocolate lollipops in the shapes of 2s with the clubhouse characters.

I painted a hat box black and added foam and bag shred to make a cute display for the pops. Since the lollipop sticks were short, I added red and black striped straws to the ends to make them taller.

Thanks for coming to my Mickey Mouse party!

Chocolate Covered Oreos: Sweet Temptations 
Cupcakes, Cake, and Fondant Toppers: Mad Lily Cakery
Lollipop Favors: Hannah Chocolate Dream
Party Location:  The Boiling Point
Event Styling, Concept, and Photography: GreyGrey Designs


  1. LOVE this!! Love the backdrop you made and the mickey pants tableskirt :) We actually make a sign that would have gone perfect with this!

    Awesome styling, Brittany! I always love your parties. <3

  2. AWESOME!!! What a fun modern take on the Mickey Mouse theme! Those moon pies are genius!! LOVE the fabric and frames!!!

  3. Fab, fab, fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the creativity!

  5. Love this, Brit! My nephew Camden is having a Mickey themed first birthday party on Sunday and I wish this party would've been hosted weeeeks ago so i could've sent his momma the pics for inspiration!

  6. Love your work Brittany!! Would you mind sharing how you put the frames on he fabric backdrop?

    1. I use a foam core backdrop, so I just stuck straight pins right into the backdrop and used them as "nails" to hang the frames on. :)

  7. I love the entire setup. Gorgeous! What size is the foam core?


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