Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{My Parties} Greyson's LIVE at FIVE Anchorman Party

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 Good evening and welcome to my LIVE at FIVE party!
When I was brainstorming my big guy's 5th birthday, I really wanted to play on the word "five." So, after tossing around several ideas with my sister and her hubs, he suggested Live at Five. Since we are all huge fans of Anchorman, I immediately jumped on this! I wanted to give it a retro spin, and harken back to the classic news anchors of days past.
And, since we call him Grey, even though his name is Greyson, the four letters were a perfect fit for the call letters of a news station.  

One of the first people I contacted when I was first planning this party was Piggy Bank Parties. I knew that they could absolutely kill it when it came to the printables. And, of course, they did not disappoint. Do sent over this absolutely amazing invitation using the call letters logo! I got so many texts and emails about how cute this invitation was!

 If you follow my parties for my boys, you know that I always have to do a big-impact piece for my entryway. This year, I made the call letters of the "news station" out of a large piece of cardboard and some paint. I printed the letters out from my computer and mod-podged them onto the signs. I spray painted the five with silver paint to make it reflect. 
 Do you love the tv banner? 
 Do also sent over some printable papers, including this retro TV. So, I printed five copies out and put his picture on each of his birthdays inside them. 
My idea for the table was for it to be a news desk. So, I ordered this corrugated cardboard from Shindigz and rolled it around the table to make it look solid. Then, I customized this awesome Brooklyn Bridge backdrop from Shindigz with a logo to make it look like a news studio backdrop. This is probably my favorite part of the entire party. 
For the food, I wanted some unique serving pieces, so I bought these video tapes at Goodwill for $1 a piece and glued them all together to make stands. Then, I printed out our station call letters and taped them to the videos. A simple clear plate on top and you've got yourself a stand!  Some of the food items were Chic-Fil-A wraps ("That's a Wrap!") and Nuggets ("Sound Bites").

And what's the news without coffee and doughnuts? I found this coffee cup planter at Lowe's months ago and used it to display the doughnuts on skewers. 
The phenomenal cake is from Mad Lily Cakery. I gasped when I saw it! The airbrushed woodgrain on the sides was my favorite part. It was the perfect retro touch! And guests couldn't believe it was the cake! And, it was delicious!
I found this adorable little movie camera light on Shindigz and could not resist. 
I was brainstorming ideas for food for the party and came up with these microphone meatballs! They were breadsticks with meatballs which I served with marinara sauce. 
The cute little suit, tie, and cookies were from Whimsy Cookie Co. I love their cookies so much and I have been responsible for eating several of these for the past few days! I love how they turned out!

My sister helped me make this "news ticker" for the top of the news desk. We used the little tv test patterns from Piggy Bank Parties and some bulletin board letters and mod-podge to make this perfect little ticker!
I searched high and low for a toy helicopter to add to the party table. I found this little guy at Wal-Mart and peeled all the stickers off and made my own little sticker with our call letters. Now Greyson loves playing with it!
For the favor table, I created a weather forecast for the backdrop. I handpainted this and it took several hours, but it was totally worth it. Several people asked me if this was the actual forecast for the week. And trust me, this weather outlook is pretty typical for Memphis!
I knew I wanted Piggy Bank Parties to do their microphone favor box for me, because it is awesome. And I asked them to add a little "box" around it for the call letters. They turned out amazing! And they even did a little tie tag for me too! The detail on this mic is so awesome! I filled them with dum-dums for the kiddos. 
I printed out the test pattern tv and taped it to a black cardboard box to make a 3-D tv for the mics to stand on. 

My sweet boy broke his leg last week and was in the hospital over the weekend, so he spent his birthday party in a cast and a wheelchair. But, being the champ he is, he enjoyed his party anyway!

And, because I am a total freak for the details, I had to make a photo-op for the guests. These are two of my favorite boys, posing as a news anchor. I hand-painted this little guy too.
This is some kind of miracle--us all smiling and looking at the camera!
Greyson's birthday shirt is by my extremely talented friend, Mollie at Personally Stitched. She blew my mind this time by replicating the call letters! She is so great!
 And, just because he is cute and this makes me laugh!

Signing off! Tune in next time!


Backdrop: Shindigz.com

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