Monday, July 22, 2013

{My Parties} Summer Pool Party by GreyGrey Designs and Birthday Express

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Is there anything that makes you feel like summer more than a pool party? 
When Birthday Express asked me to help launch their new Splashin' Pool Party Collection by styling a party for them, I jumped at the chance! I love this classic color palette and the cute details in the collection like "Marco" and "Polo" interspersed into the pieces!

Taking a cue from the collection's style, I decided to concentrate on the primary color palette with a mix of light blue and polka dots. 
I bought three pool noodles at Target and cut them into simple slices with a large kitchen knife. I used them on several projects, including this table runner and also the garland for the backdrop. 
All I did was glue them with hot glue to make these runners. 

These chipboard letters were accentuated with blue paillettes, which are basically large sequins. I glued them on with hot glue. 

The cake was super easy too! It was a homemade cake with storebought icing! All I did was swirl blue icing with white icing to give it the water effect. 
For decor, I used green striped straws with some of the stickers from the collection glued onto foam pieces and then glued onto the straws. So, so easy!

My favorite part of the entire collection is these little lifeguard chairs! There are SO many uses for them! They could be place card holders, cake pop stands, anything! But, I used push pops filled with blue Jello to mimic water and they fit perfectly!  They also come with super cute lifeguard megaphones and life preservers, but they kept blowing away from my table because it was windy that day!

A little polka dot washi tape really dressed up these simple crates from Hobby Lobby that I have had for years!

The adorable Beach Ball cake pops were made by the lovely Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins. I love the colors on these! And they were delicious too! 
I mean, her cake pops are on another level delicious!
I displayed them in dollar store sand pails with some red bag shred. Stickers from the collection and some washi tape dressed up the buckets. 
How cute are these plates and napkins?
These cute little cookies were a great find! Dollar Tree had them and I could not believe my luck!

Birthday Express has tons of colored salt water taffy and this acrylic container was the perfect thing to display them in!

It just so happened that I held onto the tassel garland that The Flair Exchange made me for my Twolladega Party. So, I took off the purple and black tassels and it made the perfect accent for the front of the table. 
I also added some rainbow lanterns and a HUGE beach ball to the front of the table. 
For the favor table, I set up a station where the kids could grab and go. 
These adorable favor boxes can be purchased pre-filled or empty. 

The rainbow lollipops made the perfect addition to the favor table. 
I used one of the invitations from the collection to add some detail to the front of a simple blue basket. 
These adorable swim hat and goggles paper masks were another favorite part! They punch right out of the sheet and are SO easy!
I also added some kid-sized flip flops to the favor table. Did you know that craft stores sell kid-sized flip-flops in a lot of colors? 
I also added a thank-you card to the front of this basket. 
I got these really cute green and blue sparkling waters at Target. They have a ton of colors! I removed the labels and added a cute green striped straw with washi tape. 

These cupcake boxes are perfect for taking home a treat!
Every side has a different design, incorporating all the elements of the collection. 
Kroger had these perfect cupcakes that were iced in dark blue and light blue. 

You have to have Life-Savers at a pool party, right? 
I made this chandelier with pieces left over from my other pool noodle projects. I simply strung them with fishing wire and hung them from my trusty plant hangers that I have used for tons of other chandeliers, including the glow stick and records. 

This banner made the perfect focal point for a boring fence. 
Hope you loved my pool party! If you love this collection like I do, check it out here at Birthday Express! There are a ton of other pieces!


Party Products including favor boxes, cupcake boxes, plates, napkins, lifeguard chairs, rainbow lanterns, beach balls, wrapped candies, and balloons: Birthday Express
All Styling, handmade crafts, and photography: GreyGrey Designs
Wrapped Cookies: Dollar Tree
Tassle Garland: The Flair Exchange


  1. LOVE the lifegaurd chairs, so fun!

  2. I just love the "Marco" and "Polo" speech bubbles, the pool noodle embellishment...and, of course, the lifeguard chairs!

  3. Brittany,


  4. what a bright, fun party!! You have so many great ideas, love them!!

  5. Oh my gosh - I love it! I'm having a hard time deciding what my favorite part is but those swim cap and goggle paper masks are pretty cute! Those mini lifeguard chairs are so sweet too! And that "SWIM" with the sequins - brilliant!

  6. I love this!! Especially those life guard stands. They are so cute!! Thanks for linking up to Party Time on Moms & Munchkins and we hope to see you next week!

  7. Such a fabulous birthday party! The colors are perfect. Love the idea of flip flops as the favor.

  8. I loved those swim hat and goggles paper masks! Is it possible to download a printable file with those? I live in Brazil and would love to have this im my boy's Birthday. Thanks!

    1. Those were from Birthday Express. I am not sure if they still have them in stock or not. I wish I could help!

  9. i love this so much - i got everything that you used from Birthday express and im doing to try and recreate a lot of it for my friends birthday party this weekend :) thank you

    1. Oh Fun! I'm so glad you were inspired by my party! This is one of my all time favorites!


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