Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Step Forward to Cure Tuberous Sclerosis--Memphis

If you follow my blog regularly, you know that my son has a genetic condition called Tuberous Sclerosis. 
You can learn more about it in this post. 
Tuberous Sclerosis has affected every facet of our lives, but the one thing we have always been able to count on is the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance. They have quite literally been lifesavers for us. 
So, every fall for the past three years, I take time to chair a walkathon to raise money for the TS Alliance. 
This year, I was able to hold the walk in our hometown, a suburb of Memphis. 
See, Memphis is lucky enough to have a SUPERB Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic here at our local Children's Hospital, LeBonheur Children's Hospital. 

This event takes my focus off parties  and puts it onto someone that I love. 
And, that is what is most important. 
I see the walkathon as a celebration of the Alliance, and a positive, loving environment for TS Families to support each other. 
We couldn't do this without each other. 

We had over 150 people at the walk this year, which for our first year in Memphis, is awesome!

Here are a few pictures of our event, and a few shout-outs to some amazing friends, families, and vendors!

Amy at Fairys and Frogs Face Painting painted some beautiful faces for us! You can scroll down to see some of her awesome work, or you can see here Facebook page here. She is just insanely talented. 

Our food and beverage was generously donated by Moe's and by Pepsi. 
We were so thrilled to have them on board!
Big thanks to Jennifer at Moe's of Memphis!
They provided us with delicious mini burritos, chips, and salsa!

My friends at +Birthday Express donated all the balloons, the blue tablecloths, and the helium!
I honestly cannot say how amazing that was! It saved me so much money from my budget and they are just THE BEST! Big thanks to Jenny, Angela, and Shane from Birthday Express/Creative Loft!
Our national sponsors, Lundbeck and Novartis sent out some representatives too, who were both really nice! Novartis and Lundbeck are both on the cutting edge for medicinal treatments of TS. 
A huge thank you goes out to Benevere Pharmacy. 
Brett and his staff were one of our leading local sponsors. I cannot say enough nice things about their pharmacy and their staff. They have helped us with Greyson's medicines for a couple of years now by making them more palatable. They are incredibly nice people!

My husband is an alumni of the University of Memphis soccer team, and so some of the team came out to volunteer for us. What a sweet bunch of guys! But, they make me feel old! Ha!

So many of Greyson's therapists and teachers (past and present) came out to support us. We are eternally grateful to them. 
If you have a special needs child, you know exactly what I mean when I say that they become your extended family!

Our walkathon raised over $17,500 for the TS Alliance!  For our first year in Memphis, I am thrilled!
This is a very small portion of Team Greyson,our close family, but over 100 people donated to our team and I cannot say thank you enough! 

Thanks again to everyone who came out and also donated! 

 Special Thanks to: 

Moe's of Memphis
Pepsi Collierville
McAlister's Collierville
University of Memphis Men's Soccer Team

Our Silent Auction Sponsors: 

And all our amazing friends and family, and Greyson's teachers and therapists who came out to support the TS Alliance and also donated silent auction items!
I don't want to name you for privacy reasons, but you know who you are!

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