Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{My Parties} Born to Rock Party

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I am so excited to share this party! 
Last year, when I got a first look at this new collection from +Birthday Express, I knew I wanted to bring it to fruition as a party. I love the combination of red and turquoise and I think this is such a clever idea for partyware collection.  The best part is that it could also be used as a really awesome baby shower theme for the offbeat mother-to-be in your life. 

When I was searching for a location for this party, I thought a music store would be the perfect location! 
I was so lucky to find Yarbrough's Music here in Memphis. As you can imagine, there is no shortage of music stores in the birthplace of the blues. 
 In addition to being SO nice, they actually have a mini-stage set up at all times for kids to live out their rock star dreams! 
When I saw that, I was knew it was the place! They even have a smoke machine! SOLD. 
If you have a little budding musician or rock star how fun would it be to have their birthday party at a music store? 
 This little budding musician left that store with this awesome new ukulele! 
Isn't he the cutest? 
 I wanted this party to look like it was thrown on the stage after a concert. I used these big black storage boxes from Target because they reminded me of roadie cases that all the equipment is packed into when tours go from location to location. 
On the front, I added some 12x12 glittered scrapbook paper and some vintage 78 records. On the records, I taped some of the dessert plates from the collection. They are cleverly designed to look like drums!
 This amazing shirt was made for me by Sweet Stuff Creations. I could not get over how adorable it was! And also SO SOFT! The quality is amazing. 

 This red stand is from my own collection. I got it at an antique mall and it has been 10 different colors. I got this black sequined fringe from Hobby Lobby and it made the perfect addition to the stand. 
 The incredible cake topper is from Ten23 Designs. I am convinced that Lauren can make ANYTHING. I mean, this blew my mind when she showed me the picture! Fabulous!
 I got the KitKat Piano idea from Secrets of a SuperMommy. She had laid it out flat on a tray, but I just applied it to the sides of the cake. The regular store bought icing worked perfectly as the "glue" to hold them on! So easy and SUCH a big impact! 
 For a "rock star" look, I also added flora-lights underneath the glass containers. It gave them a cool glow from the bottom!

 I had this idea to make the cake pops look like music notes, so I asked Autumn, my favorite cake pop artist, to make these glittered cake pops for me. I added some sticky felt to the sticks to really make them look like notes. The votive holder I displayed them in made them really look like music! 

 Shauna at Cupcake with Character made me these gorgeous red glittered stands with laminated checkered liners. They have the finest glitter finish and it made them perfect for this theme!
 The gorgeous cookies are by my fellow Memphis girl, Amanda at SemiSweet Confections. She did an amazing job on these! They were JUST perfect!

Of course, this party looked awesome already, but THEN, then the smoke machine came on. And then, well it looked AMAZING!

 In the sales portion of the store, I set up the party table. I thought it would be really cool to use the stools that the music store already had. It seems like music stores have these stools everywhere!
 I used the boom boxes as centerpieces and then set each place with a favor box and cool straw cup. 

 The straw cups didn't fully match the party, so I added some black and white duct tape and some stickers to make them blend seamlessly!
 I LOVE these trucker hats!!!

That's the curtain! On to the next city on the tour!


Party Supplies: Birthday Express
Cake Topper: Ten23 Designs
Glittered Dessert Stands: Cupcake with Character
Party Styling and Photography: GreyGrey Designs

GreyGrey Designs is a proud partner of Birthday Express. 


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  2. You ROCK, B! Another stellar party! oxox

  3. Kids love to party. This has been very well organized and planned.

  4. Wow so beautiful you really rocked it! Where did you get the stand alones and red guitar by the main table?

    1. Hi Brenda! Everything with the Born to Rock logo is from Birthday Express. Thanks!

  5. Where did you get the Born to Rock food labels. I did not see them on the Birthday Express website

    1. Hi Ashley--unfortunately, that was something they did special for me. I wish I could help, but they are not an available product. :(


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