Sunday, February 16, 2014

{My Parties} Brett's Superhero 4th Birthday Party

It's a's a plane...It's Super Brett!!

If you have followed my blog for a long time, you might recognize the name "Brett." I have done every party for him since his first birthday and his first birthday, my Jungle Safari Party, still has the highest traffic numbers of any party on my blog. 
This year, he wanted a SuperHero birthday party! They grow up fast, don't they? 

We started with this adorable superhero invitation, by The Party Town on Etsy. 
Party Mommy Jennifer liked that it had all the different superheroes included. 

 Brett had his party at a local gymnastics school, and they have this awesome party room! One of my challenges with any party location with a high volume of parties, is doing decor that is easily set-up and broken down within a tight time table. However, this time, they got the first party of the day, which meant that they got the room for an hour before they needed it, while the kids were doing their activities. That's a great tip if you want to have a party at one of these places, but still want to do a lot of decor! Book the first party! 
I still wanted to make it easily disposable though, for quick clean-up and room turnover. 
So, I knew just who to call--my friends at Birthday Express. 
 They have an absolutely darling Superhero Comic collection that will fit into any superhero theme, because it is so versatile. 
I used these awesome plastic tablecloths from that collection and they really worked great to give the room a pop of color. 
The felt masks running down the table were from +Hobby Lobby

 I have used this huge SuperHero Printable collection from Sour Punch Studio before and I LOVE it. It also comes in girl colors too! 
Party Mommy Jennifer MADE these capes for all the guests using a tutorial she found online. Aren't they adorable??

For the backdrop of the party, I used this awesome pre-printed backdrop from Birthday Express. I love it! It simply pops out of a large piece of cardboard and it stands up all by itself! 
 I made the rest of the city-scape from storage boxes I found at +Michaels Stores. I wrapped them all in black wrapping paper and then glued on small foam rectangles for the windows. So easy!
I made some of them into dessert stands by hot gluing a cardboard cake circles onto them. I spray painted the cardboard black first. 

Aren't these party supplies just the cutest?  

The beautiful cupcakes and fondant toppers were made by Mad Lily Cakery. She knocked it out of the park, as always. 

The cupcake wraps are also part of the Birthday Express collection. They are reversible too!

 We needed a cute little snack for the kids that they could take on the go, so I got some granola bars at Target and wrapped them with the matching candy bar wrappers. POWer bars!

 And of course, a SuperHero party would not be complete without POPcorn! 
This cute popcorn is from Oh Nuts. It's also flavored and it will turn your mouth Smurf blue! But, it's delicious!

Happy 4th Birthday Brett!!!

 Here is the little man of the hour, enjoying his gymnastics time!


Plates, Napkins, Cupcake Wraps, Candy Bar Wraps, Backdrop: Birthday Express
Capes: Handmade by Birthday Mom
Cupcakes: Mad Lily Cakery
Popcorn: Oh Nuts
Printables: Sour Punch Studio
Invitation: The Party Town


  1. Super cute and adorable party for a Super cute little Hero!

  2. So bright and brilliant. I love that you totally transformed the space into something magical. Those rooms are usually so smelly, but this makes me jelly. SUPERb job. xo

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