Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Are you Christmas Card ready?

I LOVE Christmas cards. I get so excited to run to the mailbox every day in December so I can see our friends and family and their Christmas cards. 
I start planning mine in early November every year and it's really important to me to have our family picture made each fall. It's amazing to see how much my boys have grown from one year to the next. 

So this year, Pear Tree Greetings offered to let me try some of their beautiful and unique Christmas Card designs and I was so excited!  They have gorgeous designs for Christmas Cards, Holiday cards,  and invitations any time of the year!

We had our family pictures made a few weeks back, and I couldn't wait to get them into the templates on Pear Tree's website and see which design I liked best.
I love that you can edit the colors, backgrounds, and fonts on them and really make them personal to your family. Nothing is worse than getting the exact same card design from another family! It's like wearing the same dress as another girl at a party!

This year, I am WAY into gold foil. It's really stylish for 2014 because, as we know, gold is making a huge comeback!
I went with the Shining Bright Foil design and I could not be happier with how they turned out!
So pretty, right? 

This year we went with a grey, navy, and green color scheme, so I changed the background on the back to this dark hunter green to match the front of the card. 
And, I changed the color of some of the text to match some of the lime colors in our clothing. 
And voila! Perfectly coordinated Christmas cards!

Have a great time running to your mailbox to see your cards this year!
I bet there will be a lot of gold foil ones!

For more fun ideas for Christmas cards and invitations, you can follow Pear Tree Greetings on Pinterest HERE. 

I received free product from Pear Tree Greetings in exchange for this post. 

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