Monday, June 1, 2015

{My Parties} Greyson's Fire Truck 7th Birthday Party

I'm a sucker for a classic party theme. And what little boy doesn't love fire trucks?
Well, my 7 year old is special needs, so his interests are a little bit delayed, so while a lot of children go through their "fire truck phase" as two or three-year-olds, Greyson is just now doing that. It's adorable the way that he will jump up and down like crazy when he sees a fire truck. It really makes you appreciate the little things when you see how excited he can get about something so simple!
I started planning his fire truck party by contacting Abigail at Paper and Cake. I have obsessed over her fire truck party collection for a while now and I was thrilled to get to use her invitation design for this party. It's simple and clean, and I LOVE it!

In Memphis, we are lucky enough to have the country's premier fire museum, The Fire Museum of Memphis, right here under our noses. In addition to being an awesome tribute to firefighters, it is also a learning museum for kids, with a beautiful newly-renovated play area. 
It's staffed by firefighters, so the kids get to meet them, and it's also a non-profit, so holding your party there goes to a great cause! 
Inside there are two huge antique fire trucks and you can set up your party right there beside them, so the kids can marvel over them during the party!

How insanely cool is this?? What little boy wouldn't freak out about this? 
I set up our dessert table at the end of one of the firetrucks, and truthfully, I really didn't even need  a backdrop of any kind because the fire trucks are so cool that they steal the show!

My party table design started with an idea to make a backdrop to look like flames. I found these curved balloons at ACI Party and ordered a ton of them in red and gold. I tied them all to a square dowel rod at the bottom of my table to keep them in place. I LOVE the effect!

On the front of the table, I made a simple fire banner with my Silhouette and some metallic cardstock. I found the big galvanized metal 7 at Hobby Lobby and then spray painted it to match my color theme. 
The centerpiece of my table design was this DIY cupcake tower. My idea was to make it look like a building on fire. I used these two metal boxes turned upside down and then used some of my kids' toys to dress it up. The red brick part in the middle is one of my boys' cardboard building blocks. I cut the flames with my Silhouette to make it look like it was on fire. 
I added their Tonka fire truck to the table too. I love using things we already have in our house for decor at my parties!

The AMAZING fondant cupcake toppers are from Brittany at Edible Details. How gorgeous are they? Almost too pretty to eat!
My friend Melanie at Mad Lily Cakery made the cupcakes to look like flames. They were so pretty!

We also had some chocolate covered oreos by Bella's Bakery and Bowtique. I adore how she put a tiny little 7 on the tops of the fireman hats!!  I used this candle stand that I've had in my collection for a while to look like a fire hose to display on them.
The adorable printables from this party were from Lindi at Love the Day. Her fire collection coordinated perfectly with my table. 
For the other food selections, we kept it very kid friendly. Cheesy Flames (Cheetos), Fiery Fruit Salad (strawberries, tangerines, and pineapple), and Stop Drop and Rolls (Chic-Fil-A Minis). 
I found that awesome fire hydrant planter at Hobby Lobby and simply topped it with a bowl for the fruit salad. 

For the kids' table and the favors, my friends at Birthday Express helped me out with all kinds of cool stuff!
Every chair had a fireman's hat hanging on it, ready for our guests. 

Every place setting had a fire hydrant straw cup, a fire truck color page, and a super cute fire truck favor box, filled with all kinds of goodies. The boxes were a great way for the kids to take home cookies too!

I used a fire truck pinata for the centerpiece.

And of course, what party is complete without pictures of the kids having a blast?

My big guy! 

There are SO many fun things for the kids to do at The Fire Museum of Memphis!

Fire Simulators, costumes....
.....Fire Trucks you can really "drive!".... poles of course!.....

And of course, the party!

This face says it all.

Trying to get them all in one shot is like nailing jello to the wall!

Special thanks to all my super-awesome vendors:

Party Favors Boxes, Fire Truck Pinata, Hydrant Straw Cups, Plastic Fire Hats, Cupcake Wrappers: Birthday Express
Printable Menu Cards: Love the Day
Chocolate Covered Oreos: Bella Bakery
Fondant Toppers: Edible Details
Cupcakes: Mad Lily Cakery
Invitations: Paper and Cake 
All party styling and photography: GreyGrey Designs


  1. Amazing!! Those balloons are stunning. Do you know what size the curved ones are? Hoping to replicate the flame effect!!

    1. I am not 100% sure, but they were big. I feel like they were 3 feet or something!

  2. Those balloons are stunning!! Do you know what size you got? Hoping to replicate the flame effect!

  3. love love love. you did a great job. where did you get the steel boxes

  4. Did the balloons have helium in them or air filled on sticks? I'm having trouble finding these


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