Thursday, October 22, 2015

{My Parties} Avery's Elsa Frozen Party

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It's a Frozen Party!  
It's the hottest (or coldest) theme for little girls in years!  This is the second Frozen Party for me, so I wanted to do a little bit of a different spin on it this time. Miss Avery wanted to have an Elsa ONLY party. No Ana allowed here! 
So, I knew I wanted to focus on the ice and on the blue aspect and let me tell you that this time of year is the BEST time to source stuff for your Frozen party! There are entire sections of craft stores devoted to Frozen Christmas decorations! 

#frozenparty #frozen #letitgo #princessparty #greygreydesigns
I started this design by using iridescent floral sheeting for the backdrop and then I added oversized snowflakes. I had Lauren at Ten23 cut Avery's name out of wood and then I mod podged turquoise glitter for extra sparkle. On the tabletop, I added a piece of white glittery batting to look like snow. 
Around the base of the table, I added a sheet of iridescent white foil curtain to look like a sheet of ice. I also applied these pieces of icicle that I found at Hobby Lobby that stuck directly to the lip of the table. It gave the entire table an icy feeling, like Elsa just struck it with her powers!
 I knew I wanted the cake to be the centerpiece of this design and Mad Lily Cakery really made it gorgeous, as always. I displayed it on a beautiful blue cake stand and added a small tulle Christmas tree skirt that I found at Hobby Lobby. I love the airbrushed feel of this cake! There's something about a winter cake that I just adore!

When I saw Nicole from Bella Bakery post these Frozen oreos on her Facebook page one day, I emailed her immediately to tell her that I HAD to have them at this party. They are little works of art. I wanted to keep one just to stare at it!  
I displayed them on an acrylic box that I covered with blue rhinestone ribbon wrap. 

 When it comes to cookies, Amanda at SemiSweet Confections is just amazing. She has made cookies for this family for several parties in a row now and I knew she would take this theme and run with it. Honestly, they were so beautiful that it was hard to even take a picture that did him justice. 

As you can see, Miss Avery loved them!

And we had to add snowballs, right? 

 For the savory food, we did some chicken nuggets (troll rocks) and some sandwiches (we finish each other's sandwiches!)

 I found these adorable Frozen headbands at the Target dollar spot and added them for our favors. The girls loved them!


Have fun setting off your own eternal winters!!  

Frozen Oreos: Bella's Bakery
LaserCut Name: Ten23 Designs
Floral Sheeting and Foil Tableskirt: Shindigz
Invitations and Banner: EniPixels
Tent Cards: TagsRUsCanada

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