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Easy Easter Egg Cake with Starburst® Jellybeans

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If you are looking for a super cute and easy Easter cake this year, I've got an easy and fun tutorial for you using Starburst® Jellybeans!  Is there any candy that is more synonymous with Easter than jellybeans?  Starburst® Jellybeans are perfect for so many Easter ideas, from just having a candy dish filled with them on your counter, to filling your little one's Easter baskets with them, or in this case, making cakes! 
When I was a little girl, one year my grandmother let my sister and me make the cake for our Easter luncheon. We were SO proud of it. Looking back now, it was a hot mess. But, we loved being included in it. Your kids will love being included in this too! It's so much fun!

You can take a simple white cake from ordinary to extraordinary using these juicy, delicious jellybeans!  
Starburst® Jellybeans are made with real fruit juice, which makes them the juiciest jelly beans! 
The best part is that you can just eat all the leftovers. I didn't do that. Yes, I did.

Here's what you're going to need: 

1 Large cardboard cake board (10x14)
1 9x13 cake pan
Your choice of covering for the cake board. I used wrapping paper. 
Edible Easter Grass
Two cake mixes of your choice
Two cans pre-prepared cake icing.
Two bags Starburst® Jellybeans 

I picked up all these supplies at Kroger. You can find the Starburst® Jellybeans in the Easter seasonal aisle right now!

Each layer of this cake will require one entire cake mix box. Bake each layer in a separate 9x13 pan. 
Bake your cakes per the instructions on the box and let cool. 
When the cake cools, cut one of the cakes into an egg shape with a sharp knife. 
Use the first cake as a guide to cutting the second layer. so that both cake layers are the same shape. 

When you have your egg shape cut, stack the layers with icing in between and put the cake on your cake board. I covered my cake board with a pretty wrapping paper, but this isn't necessary.  Dirty ice (or crumb coat) the cake with a thin layer of white icing. It doesn't need to look perfect, this is just your first layer. Refrigerate for an hour to let the icing set. 
After you remove from the fridge, add another layer of icing to smooth out the cake. 
Then, you are ready to apply your Starburst® jellybeans while the second layer of icing is still tacky.  

I started in the middle, and worked my way out for my design. 
I didn't have a specific design in mind, I just went for it! 
The beauty of this project is that no one will have the same design!  
I used the Starburst® Original Flavor of jellybeans, but you could use the Starburst®
 FavorREDS or Starburst® Sour flavors for different colors!

When you are finished with your design, cut up the edible Easter grass into smaller pieces with kitchen shears and then simply stick it all over the sides of the cake.  

Add a little bit of extra grass and jellybeans a round the bottom of the cake to make it look like it's lying in the grass. 

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I can't wait to see your versions of this cake!
Post a comment with a link to yours!
Happy Easter!

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  1. What an ADORABLE cake!! I love this, and you make it look so simple :) {client}


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