Monday, May 23, 2016

{My Parties} Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Party

Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your family? I bet you do. 
I know a ton of ADULTS that are Harry Potter mega fans! 
I really feel like the very first of those movies was the best one. It was just so magical, while still being sweet and fun. My inspiration for this party was that magical scene where Harry rides the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts for the first time. 
It's probably my favorite part of any of the movies!
 I love learning all about Hogwarts right along with Harry, and I LOVE hearing about all the enchanted treats!
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So, I set out to recreate the feeling of the Hogwarts Express. 
In my cute little town, we have an old steam engine on display in our town square and I knew that was the perfect place for this party!

I set up my party table right in front of the steam engine. I used a simple black tablecloth and really made it pop by using a gold metallic cardstock letter garland, which I cut into one of the famous spell names from Harry Potter: Expecto Patronum!

For my "backdrop" I added the flags from each of the houses of Hogwarts. I made these flags using felt and hot glue and I hung them from a simple dowel using zip ties. 

There are so many fun treats to pick from when you are doing a Harry Potter Party!
The first on the list is always the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans! 
I displayed them in these test tubes and a small cardboard suitcase that I painted gold! Sometimes just serving the item in a cute way can make it extra appealing to kids!

I got some really good deals on Halloween clearance for this party! That's actually one of my favorite tips for at-home party planners! Always shop the holiday aisle!

And you can't forget the chocolate frogs! I displayed mine in a simple wooden tray and added some Harry Potter glasses and a Gryffindor tie!

To make our "snitches" I used Ferrero Rocher candies with simple craft feathers. I displayed them on these "stone" columns. 

For our cupcakes, I did a simple spiced cake with a broom cake topper. I got these cute little brooms on Halloween clearance too! They were the perfect topper!

How cute is this "Hedwig?"

I knew I also wanted to do some sugar cookies for this event too, so I called up my cookie guru, Amanda at SemiSweet Confections and she absolutely blew me away with these gorgeous cookies!
They looked like the crests of each house of Hogwarts!
How gorgeous are they???

My little Harry loved then!

The Gryffindor was my favorite!


I hope this party has you solemnly swearing that you'll be up to no good!


All Styling and Photography: GreyGrey Designs

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